Dynamic and Smart Pre-orders Functionality

Let’s say you set out a product for pre-orders, but the public surprises you and orders far more than you were prepared to deliver. You manufactured 200 t-shirts, but then people tried to order 300. Good problem to have, right? Not necessarily. If you can’t fulfill the order, your e-commerce store gets a terrible reputation, and loses business. You can prevent this problem with a dynamic and smart pre-orders from Optimum7.

Dynamic and Smart Pre-orders Functionality

Dynamic and smart pre-orders creates automatic shutoffs for pre-orders based on logical quantities. Avoid letting customers place a high volume of orders you can not fulfill using this tool. Match the number of pre-orders you are obligated to fulfill with this tool.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurial e-commerce stores that love to experiment with new products can improve their pre-order process with this functionality. However, any e-commerce store that doesn’t want to become over-committed to a high volume of pre-orders that it is not adequately prepared to fulfill can benefit from this functionality.

Revenue Growth

What Does It Do?

Integrate a smart and dynamic pre-order system that won’t overload your e-commerce store with a high volume of purchases you are not prepared to fulfill. Customize these orders to any amount of pre-orders you are prepared to fulfill. Manually take control of any preset limit and adjust this functionality to the needs of your e-commerce store.  

Dynamic and Smart Pre-orders Functionality Benefits

This tool prevents your e-commerce store from looking unreliable by promising more orders than it can possibly fulfill. When you are in control of your pre-orders, you offer a better level of customer service and fulfillment to your shoppers. This is key to getting more sales and revenue, which makes you become more profitable.

The Difference Dynamic and Smart Pre-orders Functionality Makes

Without dynamic and smart preorders, you might find yourself with a high volume of orders that you are unable to fulfill. This keeps you from fielding angry emails and phone calls from customers who will then go on to write a nasty and negative review for you. Maintain control of your pre-orders with this functionality.

Try it

Set limits and automatic shutoffs on your pre-orders with this functionality from Optimum7 by calling (305) 477-8960. You can also contact us online to learn more.

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