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Internet Marketing for Legal Services

Legal field experts need solid marketing plans to compete effectively. They need clients who can find them for specialty law cases, to assist with civil or criminal issues. With civil law, individuals seek help with disputes among each other or organizations; criminal law involves the government and various agencies. In both cases, a client needs legal assistance, and they will most likely search online for the best.

Digital Marketing Services for the Legal Sector

At Optimum7, we pride ourselves in taking a consultative approach to business. We treat your business as our own and refuse to provide any services that won’t help you reach your business goals and deliver a positive ROI.

Some of the services we offer include:

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  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing

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For Legal Services

In the legal profession, unless you are working with the government or civil services, you have to prove that you can provide value in the private sector. For law firms, they not only need to reach as many clients as possible for relevant services, but they also need to know how to recruit talent that has freshly graduated or has the highest qualifications possible for the field.

Lawyers and attorneys, in particular, can draw more attention to the causes they champion with the right marketing finesse. You can spread awareness of what sidewalks may need repairing for pedestrians, as one example, or why beaches with turtle nests should mind artificial lighting after dusk because it will misdirect hatchlings. A solid marketing plan can increase publicity or donations to the organization, and strengthen its branding.

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4 Legal Services Marketing Trends in 2019

If you work in the legal services industry and want to stay ahead of the competition in 2019, here are 4 strategies you should be employing


…of all web experiences begin with a search engine.


SEO or search engine optimization will help a legal expert rank higher in a search engine. Lawyers, attorneys and paralegals need to make sure to appeal to as many potential clients as possible. SEO involves leveraging keywords to reach those ranks and end up first on the search page so that potential clients can find them while using the Internet. It involves finding what those words are, and how to best incorporate them into your webpages and strategy.

Let us consider cause lawyers again, and the disputes they adopt in civil and criminal court.

Web Design

A law firm needs to treat a website like another storefront. A homepage is the reception office for the Internet. If it looks unattractive or unprofessional or is hard to navigate, then users will turn away and you lose a potential client or a potentially interesting recruit that brings talent.

For paralegals, they have to walk the line between offering legal services and promoting their quality work. If working independently in California and Washington state, a paralegal needs to know with a web design that they understand the services they are providing, using clean navigation and concise information.


…of law firms have generated leads through their website.


…of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page


Pay-per-click ads are ads where an advertiser — in this case a legal professional– pays a website publisher to show their ads based on relevant keywords every time a user clicks on the link. The pay depends on the bidding price that the advertiser and publisher agree on beforehand. Often advertisers compete with each other to get that price.

In combination with SEO, PPC can boost awareness and branding for a law firm, lawyer, and paralegal, provided that bidding price is reasonable and fits within budget; a better-designed website, for example, will lead to a lower bidding price. Google and Bing display a large proportion of PPC.

Social Media Marketing

Social media — which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn– has rapidly changed the game for marketing. Users receive and send information and opinions in real time, and that can make or destroy a firm’s reputation.

For brands that have historical reputations, good social media means interacting with users, learning from them, and promoting relevant content. Lawyers especially have a reputation for using social media evidence to win their cases and need to prove that they are trustworthy to use other people’s words and images wisely. They need a manager who can handle viewing thousands of posts on different channels daily, and manage responses from dozens of faceless users.


…of adults age 18-29 are active on social media

Why Legal Services Companies Should Hire an Internet Marketing Agency

Why Companies in the Legal Services Sector Need an Outside Internet Marketing Agency

Lawyers and attorneys need a presentable website to advertise their specialties and services to potential clients. They have to compete against each other. While lawyers aren’t necessarily sharks, since lawyers don’t make the subject of summer-camp songs that go viral on YouTube, they need to remain competitive.

Paralegals also need to advertise their services; usually, they need certification to work under a practicing attorney. A paralegal with a website and SEO marketing can advertise their services as well as the services that their legal supervisor offers, allowing for double-promotion.
In Washington State and California, paralegals can provide independent law-related services provided they prove themselves accountable to local agencies and governments. Paralegals in those states could benefit from internet marketing to secure clients.

Optimum7 has the experience to assist you with promoting your firm or services. We save you the time that you or assistants would otherwise spend on a marketing plan, optimize your strategy, and help you reach more clients. In addition, we will follow marketing trends related to the legal profession, including notable court cases.
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