Product Quick View Functionality

Allow users to hover over product images on category pages to see a zoomed in view of the product they’re hovering over or information such as product specifications without having to go directly into the product page. This functionality allows visitors the convenience of viewing various products in a timely manner.

Having to click on product images to learn more about product details on a new web page is inconvenient. Think about it: you want to learn more about a particular product, so you click on a picture of the product and a new page loads. You either decide to buy the product or not. But, to go back to the page you were on before you have to press the ‘back’ button and the page has to load all over again. That’s why the Product Quick View functionality exists: new pages don’t need to load at all, and this saves time and eliminates any potential annoyance.


This functionality is ideal for any eCommerce website that sells products with product images and offers further product information, like: like size, color, quantity, etc.

The Product Quick View functionality allows users to hover over product images on category pages to see zoomed-in views of products and product specifications without having to go to the product page. It’s a great addition to any eCommerce store as it improves the customer’s shopping experience!

This functionality saves users time and hassle, because they are not required to visit product pages to learn more about products. Users can view product specifications in a convenient pop-up box and exit out when finished. Products can be added to the shopping cart right from the box too.

With the Product Quick View functionality, consumers can get all of the information they need about products quickly and conveniently. If applicable, users can view various colors for products, see sizes available, choose the quantity they want to buy, and more.

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