Abandoned Cart Email Follow-Up

Immediately capture every users email address when they enter it on the checkout page. If the user abandons their cart, their captured email address can then be used to send them abandoned cart emails to encourage them to return and complete their purchase. This functionality can also send abandoned cart emails to users with existing accounts on your site.

Filling an online shopping cart is part of the fun of online shopping: gather the items you like and decide later on if you want to go through the purchase or not. But, businesses want their customers to go through with anticipated purchases. One way to encourage customers to complete online purchases is to reach out to them after they have abandoned their online shopping carts.


The Abandoned Cart Email Follow-Up functionality was created by Optimum7 to do just this. It is the perfect functionality for businesses who need a way to encourage customers to go through with their purchases. This functionality urges customers to complete their purchase and that can be done with a coupon, sale, % off their cart, etc.

When customers enter their email addresses onto the checkout page, the Abandoned Cart functionality captures the email addresses. Then, if the customers do abandon their carts, the functionality sends a follow-up email to their email addresses asking the customers if they’d like to complete their purchases. This functionality can also send abandoned cart emails to users with existing accounts on your site.

The benefits of the Abandoned Cart Email Follow-Up functionality is businesses might get a few more customers that without this functionality would be lost. Customers are given the opportunity to continue shopping with the shopping cart they abandoned or they can completely abandon their cart.

If a customer accidentally exited the webpage, then this functionality is perfect for saving items placed in carts and mistakenly abandoned. Or, if a customer did exit the page but they have second thoughts about what they were considering buying, then this functionality makes it easy for them to complete the sale or at least look at what they were interested in again.

Many websites save shopping carts for users who are logged in. This functionality makes that possible and saves carts for any users who enter their email on the shopping cart page. Customers are given a second chance to complete the orders that would otherwise be time-consuming to gather into the shopping cart a second time.

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