Show your customers how much stock you have for a particular item. This can introduce a sense of urgency and build a sense of exclusivity around top-selling products. Can be set to display a preset number when stock levels hit a minimum or maximum quantity in order to hide actual stock levels from competitors.

Real-Time Inventory Display Functionality

For customers who are looking for a popular item or are interested in ordering a high quantity of certain products, the Real Time Inventory functionality can be useful.

Who is it for?

The Real Time Inventory functionality is a great tool for businesses who want to show customers how much inventory of all or certain products are currently in stock. This comes in handy for stores that sell products that sell quickly or for items that are difficult to come by. For example, a firearms dealer might purchase an amount of firearms for one price and when all of the firearms are sold then the price will most likely change. Or if a store is selling products and not buying more, then it might want to let customers know this is it.

What Does It Do?

The Real Time Inventory functionality shows users how many of a particular product are in stock on product and category pages. It features the ability to set minimum and maximum stock quantity display rules to avoid showing true stock numbers to competitors.

Real-Time Inventory Display Functionality Benefits

This functionality is useful for customers who might only make a purchase of a particular product if they know the product will not be available for long or for customers who are interested in buying a high quantity of products. The benefits of this functionality is it tells customers what is available and what is not. This can save trouble for companies who have customers order out-of-stock products from online.

The Difference Real-Time Inventory Display Functionality Makes

The Real Time Inventory functionality is a great feature for online businesses to provide for their customers. Customers can know how much product is available for certain items and it saves both parties trouble in the long run.

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