To encourage more sales, we have developed functionality that allows the admin to set up conditions in the back end for user discounts. When a user purchases a certain $ amount of products from your store as specified by the admin, the user will receive free shipping. The admin can set as many of these conditions as they would like. This will improve the overall totals of your orders.

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Shipping Threshold Functionality

Shipping threshold functionality is a kind of upsell method for eCommerce stores. When customers buy a specific amount $ products this functionality initiates and offers to buy more products to get free shipping. Users will see this message at the checkout process.

Who is it for?

This functionality is for eCommerce businesses that offer free shipping for a higher amount of shopping carts. Shop owners have the ability to offer a free shipping option for X amount $ of purchases. The shop owners also, keep the users on their website for a longer period.

Shipping Threshold Functionality

Online Shopping Cart Discount

What Does It Do?

Shipping Threshold Functionality provides eCommerce websites to offer one of a kind campaign. When customers add products to the shopping cart, this functionality lets them know that if they add X amount of $ products, they will get a free shipping. It also informs the customers how much more left to get free shipping.

Shipping Threshold Functionality Benefits

The benefits of this functionality are for both customers and shop owners. Customers don't spend money on shipping and purchase another item instead of spending money on shipping. Shop owners have the opportunity to sell more products to one individual customer. They have the opportunity to let the user see more products of the brand.

The Difference Shipping Threshold Functionality Makes

eCommerce stores that use this functionality on their websites raise the revenue by selling more products than ever. The same eCommerce stores improve the loyalty of their customers. They earn loyalty by offering free shipping.

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