Part Builder Functionality For Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Magento

Customization is an important part of a product that you sell online. But the process can be quite costly and risky if the specifications are not received correctly.

Part builder functionality tailored specifically for your online store enables you to display customized part options to customers, more so for manufacturing and industrial parts. Your customers can modify an existing selection depending on their needs, and give you clear, systematic information and specifications, instead of making an hour-long phone call with a salesperson to get the right measurements and specifications.



Let Your Customers Choose the Product Specifications They Want With Ease!

Part builder functionality enables your customers to enter their desired configuration or select it from a menu of options. Then product price can be updated accordingly and a preview of this product with the selected dimensions and specifications can be displayed to give the customer a better idea of how that item will look in real life.

In most cases, businesses are unable to take back custom items even if they want to because that product is customized only for that customer. So reselling that product is almost impossible unless it’s a product with popular specs. All of this is just because of a small miscommunication or outdated ways of receiving custom specs for that product.

However, this Part Builder Functionality can help to overcome some of these challenges. By allowing users to create their own custom parts online, manufacturers can reduce costs and lead times. This type of customization can also be a fun and engaging way for users to interact with your brand.

Our Part Builder Functionality Improves Your Website Usability and Performance!

Part builder functionality is a life-saver when offering custom parts. Otherwise, you’ll end up with millions of stock-keeping units (SKUs) for a small number of items with minor differences and the issues mentioned above.

This is a Custom Built Solution, You Can’t Get This From Your Platform’s App Store!

Optimum7 created the Part Builder Functionality on Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Magento for businesses that want to improve their customer experience and say goodbye to common miscommunication issues on specifications.


Ideal Buyers of this functionality are manufacturers that sell customizable products and parts.

Optimum7 can easily tweak this functionality to serve the needs of your online business whether your store is on Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, or other platforms. Just let us know!

The part builder functionality implements conditional options that a manufacturer may otherwise offer in person, over the phone, or via email.

Each industry varies in the ideal conditional options, so the feature can save a lot of time for both the owner and the customer.

Customers can calculate the most efficient type of part for their needs. They can let the website and the functionality do the work in a matter of seconds, rather than going to a physical store or making an hour-long phone call with a salesperson to give the right measurements.

This also allows you to create models of the products you need before ordering them, reducing the amount of trial and error. Installations become much faster as a result and Risks are reduced as the functionality decreases the possibility of miscommunication between both parties.

One benefit is that businesses don’t have to issue millions of SKUs at once. It can prove inefficient to list thousands of products that have minimal differences. Excessive SKUs can also cause delays within the supply chain and slow down your website noticeably.

As an added bonus, if you don’t have a million SKUs, you can create a small number of product pages. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to buy products when they have fewer choices and be able to customize a product. Part builder functionality plays into human psychology in the long term.

Another important fact is that a part builder tells customers which configurations are and aren’t possible. This eliminates false expectations.

In the case of pneumatics, for example, parts may have L shapes or such. If you select configuration X or such, they may not match certain sizes and voltages.

Without this functionality, your customers have to search through a lot of pages to find the product with the right measurements or specifications.

Additionally your product pages and brand will look more professional because with the part builder functionality you will make the customer and your job easier by enabling them to select or type the desired specifications.

Go to one of our client’s website from the image up top and try this functionality in action! Contact us today, for further questions.


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