Looking for a way to make your products more visible? With our social share functionality, you can offer users the ability to share specific products by doing so they’ll receive a discount when they checkout. This functionality can be placed on product pages or on shopping carts before a user checks out a popup will show up asking them to share and receive a discount.

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Social Share Discount Functionality

It’s easy enough to click a button, right? And people are more willing to do it if they get something out of it. With Optimum7’s Social Share Discount functionality, you can get more visibility for your company’s products and customers can save a few dollars.

Who is it for?

The Social Share Discount functionality can be useful for any type of ecommerce business. If you are interested in getting more people to view your company’s products by having links to the product pages shared on social media, then this functionality can be helpful for your business.

What Does It Do?

This functionality can be implemented to any product page on your site. When a customer visits a product page with this functionality a pop-up box will appear asking the person to share the product page on social media. The pop-up box will tell the customer that he or she will receive a discount (that you choose) if he or she shares the page. This functionality can also be placed on a website’s shopping cart page.

Social Share Discount Functionality Benefits

With the Social Share Discount functionality, you can get more visibility for your business and products by having your customers share information about specific products on their social media pages. This functionality allows you to reach audiences that you may not reach any other way. Consumers are incentivized with a discount that also encourages them to buy the product they are looking at.

The Difference Social Share Discount Functionality Makes

What’s better than more visibility and increased conversions? Not much. Without this functionality, you are left to your own devices for marketing and advertising efforts. With this functionality, you get a little help from your customers. Let’s see what this functionality can do for your business.

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