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Sticky Checkout Bar is a must have functionality for eCommerce sites. When purchasing an item online, a user often has to fill out a very long user and billing form. By the time they reach the bottom of this form, the actual checkout button is at the top of the page, unable to be seen by the user. By implementing this functionality on your site, the checkout box will stay fixed on the right hand side of the users screen as they scroll down and fill out their billing information. That way when a user finishes filling out their information, they can easily complete the process.

Everybody has online shopped. It’s fun, it’s easy and there aren’t any pesky salespeople bugging customers with questions or telling them to “try this” of “have you seen this?” After scrounging through an entire website adding various items to the shopping cart, it’s finally time to checkout. But have you ever experienced a checkout page that is impossible to manage? It can already be a nuisance having to fill out your name, billing information and shipping location. And, unfortunately, many websites don’t make the checkout process any simpler.

With Sticky Checkout, websites can make the checkout experience quick and easy for customers. Instead of making purchasers scroll back to the top of the webpage to click the final “checkout” button after filling out the necessary billing and shipping information, Sticky Checkout fixes a “checkout” box to the right hand side of the user’s screen. So when customers scroll, the checkout box does too.


Sticky Checkout is useful for any eCommerce website that involves customers adding products to a shopping cart before completing final purchase. Moreover, Sticky Checkout makes the online shopping experience more enjoyable for shoppers by creating a simple, easy-to-use checkout method.

This Optimum7 functionality eliminates the problem of requiring customers to scroll to the top of the check out page to complete the ordering process. As customers scroll down the checkout page to fill out their personal information, the checkout box sticks with them. Sticky Checkout helps to avoid customer frustration, which if caused could result in customers abandoning orders altogether.

Sticky Checkout ensures the checkout box is always in sight and easy to access, which means the user can always view the total price, shipping fee, tax and “checkout” button. By implementing Sticky Checkout on your eCommerce website, your company will reduce any confusion that may occur for customers attempting to finish their purchase.

With Optimum7 clients that have default eCommerce checkout pages, such as General Springs and Tees2UrDoor, Optimum7 has implemented the Sticky Checkout tool. The functionality has increased conversions for these clients by making their checkout pages easier to navigate and use.

Not sure if the Sticky Checkout functionality can benefit your eCommerce store? Soon you’ll be able to play around with our sticky checkout functionality soon on our live sandbox!


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