Wouldn’t it be great if your Amazon orders were automatically transferred to your ecommerce or Volusion admin? What if your ecommerce product quantities automatically updated on Amazon? You can cross these off your wish list because that’s exactly what this functionality can do for you!

Amazon Integration

As the owner of an online business, have you ever wished for your Amazon orders to be automatically transferred to your eCommerce or Volusion admin? Or maybe you want your eCommerce product quantities automatically updated on Amazon. Whatever it is you want to happen with your website and Amazon, it’s possible with Optimum7’s Amazon Integration functionality.

Who is it for?

The Amazon Integration functionality is for companies that sell products on eCommerce websites and Amazon, and would like to transfer product or order information from one to the other.

Amazon Integration

Amazon Listing Optimization

What Does It Do?

This functionality makes it easy for online businesses to transfer orders placed on Amazon to businesses’ eCommerce websites and communicate inventory details from eCommerce websites to Amazon. Any relative information can be communicated between the two.

Amazon Integration Benefits

The Amazon Integration functionality makes running an online business and using Amazon in correlation with the online business easier. With this functionality implemented, Admins of eCommerce websites can see orders placed on Amazon on their eCommerce platform and inventory information can be communicated from the eCommerce site to Amazon. The benefits of this functionality are: organization, convenience, and accuracy.

The Difference Amazon Integration Makes

Without the Amazon Integration functionality, product quantities listed on Amazon could be inaccurate if not updated regularly in correlation with what’s listed on the eCommerce website. Also, orders placed on Amazon would have to be fulfilled separately than orders placed on the businesses’ websites.

Try it

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Amazon Integration


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