Shopify SEO And eCommerce Content Marketing Strategies

We’ve been seeing a lot of metrics from our SEO clients and there are some concerning things that are happening with Shopify. Currently, Shopify is the largest platform, and clients can still earn revenue. From a technical SEO standpoint, there are some challenges now with Shopify. They have grown without scaling. Primarily with the hosted […]

How to Sell Liquor Online : Start Selling Wine and Alcohol Online

How to Sell Wine and Alcohol Online; eCommerce Local Delivery Software

In the age of mega-chains, there are still thousands of local businesses selling alcohol and liquor, and now more than ever they need to offer pickup and delivery functionalities to reach more customers. Thanks to the pandemic back in 2020 and a lack of universal precautions, online alcohol sales are increased since people are more […]

How to Bulk Cold Email Outreach to Millions of Emails

In this Surge Session, we discuss how to perform mass email marketing and cold outreach lead generation while avoiding the spam boxes, as well as how to write bulk sequences that get responses from your prospects. Our CEO Duran Inci is joined by our Director of Marketing, Joseph Hassun, and Marketing Specialist, Carlo Ricordi. Is […]

Algolia Search API Integration as a Custom Faceted Search and Filter

Advanced Faceted Search Using Algolia API

When implementing faceted searches, tools such as the Algolia database will provide the framework and infrastructure that you need. They will allow users to narrow results as they search for products while providing a reasonable number of matches.  Leveraging Advanced Faceted Search for eCommerce Conversions Why is a faceted search an important eCommerce functionality? […]

eCommerce Predictive Search and Filter for Shopify and Bigcommerce

eCommerce Predictive search is fun regarding implementation, metrics, and results. Amazon uses this functionality. The website makes product suggestions based on your search. What you filter on the left-hand navigation determines recommendations, tied together and tailored to you. Amazon does this with a detailed algorithm for personalization. There are different ways to implement advanced search […]

Pay In Installments, Split Payments and Pay Overtime for Bigcommerce and Shopify

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce business owners are getting requests to handle customers splitting payments, using an installment plan, or paying over time. These systems include BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, and 3DCart. Over the past month, we’ve received around twenty requests from eCommerce websites trying to install pay over time, pay with multiple cards or […]

Why Do You Need a Full Marketing Audit

In this Surge Session, we talk about full marketing strategy audits. We discuss how to perform a full marketing audit for your website including the components of your marketing strategy you should be looking at and how to improve productivity from your efforts. Our CEO Duran Inci is joined by our Director of Marketing, Joseph […]

Bigcommerce Custom Design – How to Customize Bigcommerce Themes and Templates

Customizing BigCommerce Templates To Maximize Conversions

Optimum7 has completed roughly 200 Bigcommerce Custom Design projects over the past 24 months involving BigCommerce development, migration, and conversion optimization for product pages and category pages. Many Bigcommerce businesses ask, “Do I need the redesign?” They are looking at redesigning or repurposing a product page to attract more customers. Despite the financial goal, they’re not […]

How To Create A Firearms eCommerce Website with FFL

How To Create A Firearms eCommerce Website from Scratch

There is a reason why firearms are one of the most popular items to sell online. Not only is there a passionate community of shooters and collectors, but firearms are also legal in many parts of the country. If you’re looking to start selling firearms online, here’s how to create a firearms eCommerce website with […]