Add Related Items To Cart Functionality

Let’s say your customer is ordering a product that’s part of a series (think books and movies) or a set (think furniture or home decor). This functionality allows you to suggest every related product to increase the value of each order just like Amazon. So if someone were buying Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, you could also suggest Fellowship, Two Towers and even The Hobbit trilogy. Customers could add all or some of your suggestions to their cart right from that page. This function can increase the average order value by up to 40%.

Every person has experienced a time when he or she was shopping and everything he or she looked at seemed irresistible.

Books, for example.

If you are a book lover, then you’ve probably experienced this phenomenon: you’re at a bookstore–maybe you stopped in the store for 1 book–and eventually you’re walking around with 2 piles of books scooped up in your arms. Or maybe for you, it’s clothes or video games that you can’t resist.

Whatever merchandise you can’t say “no” to, just remember that every person has his or her own thing, or things that he or she loves to buy. Luckily, businesses of every kind can take advantage of this and that’s where Optimum 7’s Add Related Items to Cart functionality comes in.

Add Related Items To Cart Functionality

The Add Related Items to Cart functionality is for any eCommerce website that would like to encourage customers to buy more merchandise.

A good way to do this is to suggest items the customer is likely to be interested in already. For example, if a customer is buying the first book of the Harry Potter series, then chances are he or she is going to want the 2nd book eventually. When a customer adds the 1st book to the shopping cart, the Add Related Items to Cart will bring up a variety of products that are similar to the product just added to the cart.

Hopefully the customer will be interested in the suggested products and purchase them as well.

Add Related Items To Cart Functionality

The Add Related Items to Cart functionality suggests products to customers based on the merchandise they are currently viewing. A functionality just like this is used on Amazon. Optimum7 can set up this functionality to include images, prices, and descriptions of suggested products to meet the specific needs of your store.

This functionality can increase the average order value on your eCommerce site by as much as 40%. It makes it simple for customers to add more products to their shopping carts because all they have to do is make 1 click to add the suggested items to their carts.

Another benefit of this functionality is that it can increase awareness of products customers might not know exist or are not aware they need. For example, let’s say an online store sells soap. An obvious suggestion might be a loofah or a pack of washcloths. A not so obvious suggestion might be different styles or brands of soaps. Or maybe a store could suggest matching hand soap or body lotion.

The options are endless with Optimum 7’s Add Related Items to Cart functionality!

Add Related Items To Cart Functionality

Without this functionality, there is a good chance that online stores’ customers will not even know certain products exist. Make it known to your customers all of the products your store offers by showing them products they are probably already interested in based on what they are buying already.

Plus, just think about what a 40% increased value on every sale could do for your business.

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