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It’s estimated that eCommerce revenue will hit $1.8 trillion dollars annually by 2023 in the U.S. alone! eCommerce development is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a large one, a new one or an old one. If you want a slice, you’re going to need to start selling your products online.
There are hundreds of eCommerce platforms to choose from, and Optimum7 has years of experience successfully integrating them into our clients’ website.
Optimum7 is an Expert eCommerce Development Company and we work with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Volusion, Infusionsoft, Netsuite, 3DCart and more. Our talented team of strategists, programmers and marketers can consult you on all of the platforms that will best suit the needs of your eCommerce business.


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Our WooCommerce Development Process

Strategy & Analysis

We start with analyzing your business and creating a plan that makes sense for your needs and budget.


We’ll set up an execution schedule for your development project to ensure it is done as efficiently as possible.


Within your branding guidelines, we’ll start delivering testable mockups to ensure w’ere on the right track.


Our designers and WooCommerce developers provide on going support to ensure your project is built to your vision.

Our WooCommerce Development Services

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions are the lifeblood of an eCommerce business. Whether you’re struggling, thriving, or plateauing, every website can benefit from increased conversion rates. Our experts analyze the structure, layout, and design of your website to diagnose any friction or pain points in the conversion process. Once identified, we can optimize your pages to boost conversions and revenue. As a WooCommerce development partner, our team knows what it takes on the front end and backend to drive eCommerce conversions. 

Store Design & Customization

Consumers judge your website based on its appearance. An unflattering design leads to higher bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts. The expert design team at Optimum7 will create an attractive web design and navigation for your WooCommerce shop. We can offer custom WooCommerce theme development services and functionalities that will make your site more visually appealing and functional on the user end. Our design team will provide you with mobile-friendly WooCommerce services in addition to a fully optimized desktop online store. 

Payment Gateways & App Integration

Customers have different preferences when it comes to buying online. As a WooCommerce store owner, you need to offer them as many different payment options as possible. Don’t limit yourself to the default WooCommerce payment gateways. The developers at Optimum7 can integrate any third-party payment gateways or apps to your site. Payment gateway integration, a custom code solution, will improve the customer experience while increasing conversions and profits for your online business.


Are you switching to WooCommerce from another platform? Let us handle this for you. Optimum7, WooCommerce development company, has helped hundreds of eCommerce stores migrate to WooCommerce from another eCommerce platform or CMS. Don’t take this task on alone or it could lead to costly mistakes like 404 page errors and drops in your domain authority. Our WooCommerce migration services ensure smooth transitions while maintaining SEO principles and strong online visibility. This will give you an edge over the competition in your industry. 

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Custom Development for
WooCommerce Stores

It doesn’t matter how big or small your eCommerce website is. Our expert developers at Optimum7 have built custom WooCommerce solutions for eCommerce stores of all shapes and sizes across nearly every industry. From small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, we can increase the traffic, visibility, performance, and conversions of your WooCommerce store.

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To the entire Optimum7 team – I want to deeply thank you for your persistence, your imagination and your efforts. You had taken on a task, and you were simply not willing to give up on it. We have reached a stage that lets us know that it has been worthwhile. We can only expect even better results in the future that should translate into more success.
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Why Choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an industry leader in the eCommerce industry. It’s designed for both small and large online stores that are using WordPress as a CMS. With nearly 80 million downloads worldwide, WooCommerce is arguably the most popular eCommerce solutions on the planet. 

Money Back Guarantee

WooCommerce platform stands behind its products, which is why they offer a 30-day money back promise. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchases, WooCommerce will issue a full refund.

Built For WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. So if you already have a existing WordPress website and want to turn your website into an eCommerce store, WooCommerce is a top solution for you to consider. 

By default, WordPress code is not optimized for eCommerce. So you’ll need a WooCommerce platform and WooCommerce development services to sell online.

Free to Install

WooCommerce is open source and 100% free to install on your WordPress site. You do not have to pay for WordPress development services, yet you’ll pay for extensions to add features and functionality to the store. These extensions typically fall somewhere in the $0 to $250 range.

WooCommerce: Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for users who prefer to use WordPress
  • Easy to customize
  • Great support and access to information
  • Easy to learn if you’re familiar with WordPress
  • Free to install
  • Feature-rich extensions are available
  • Easy to scale 


  • Updates aren’t always smooth with WordPress
  • Requires experience with WordPress
  • You are responsible for all hosting, management, and maintenance services
  • Can be expensive when you start adding lots of extensions

FAQ - WooCommerce

If you already have a WordPress account, you can sign up for free on WooCommerce.com by entering your WordPress credentials. Then you just need to download, install, and activate the plugin to your WordPress site.

For those of you who need assistance with this process, contact the development team here at Optimum7.

WooCommerce is free to download, own, and install on your WordPress site. However, you’ll be charged for any extensions you add on. You’re also responsible for the costs associated with your domain name, web hosting, and WordPress account.

Yes. WooCommerce is a plugin that is made specifically for WordPress sites. So you’ll need to have an active WordPress account and website to use it. If you’re using another CMS, you’ll need to migrate your site to WordPress before you can start using WooCommerce.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that’s free to download and install on your WordPress site.

WordPress does not offer eCommerce functionality out of the box. So if you want to sell online using WordPress, the WooCommerce plugin is a viable solution.

Some of the most popular WooCommerce payment gateways include PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Authorize.net, and Braintree. The eCommerce development experts at Optimum7 can integrate any third-party payment gateway to your WooCommerce shop.

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