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Countdown Sale is a great addition to any eCommerce shop! It allows stores to add a countdown timer to their product pages ,it can be set up to expire after a preset quantity of product has been sold or a specific amount of time has passed. It creates a sense of scarcity and encourages users to buy now.

There’s nothing better in getting a customer to make a purchase than running a promotion that is time sensitive. We’ve all seen the sales announcing, “30% Off All Products – This Weekend Only”

The Countdown Sale functionality does this for eCommerce stores which creates a sense of urgency and scarcity which greatly impacts a user’s to decision to buy right away.


This functionality is ideal for eCommerce stores that want to dramatically increase their conversions. Usually stores that have this implemented have ongoing sales or promotions and by doing so sales are impacted positively.

The Countdown Sale functionality displays a countdown timer on product page for a product that is on sale. When shoppers see this countdown timer they will know there’s a time limit before the sale ends. It can also be setup to show the number of inventory that is left for that product, greatly increasing the sense of scarcity. This functionality is fully customizable to blend seamlessly with the theme of your eCommerce store and you have the freedom to pick and choose which products will have the countdown displayed.

There’s no greater benefit than more sales and conversions! This functionality was designed to convert shoppers who are only browsing into actual paying customers. This is accomplished by using a scarcity tactic to get consumers in a “I need to buy this” mode as they may miss out on a great sale. It simply works to get shoppers to BUY!

eCommerce stores who have implemented this functionality have seen a day and night difference in their sales as well as a significant reduction of abandoned carts. Businesses are loving this functionality due to its simplicity and impact its had on their businesses.

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