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Optimum7 is an innovative, full service Internet Marketing Company with offices in Morristown, New Jersey and Miami, Florida. Our clientele includes companies across the United States, Europe and Asia. We’re an established industry leader and have enjoyed consistent growth every year, with 75% growth in 2011. Our firm is responsible for improving the performance of more than 100 domains and we’ve been featured in publications including CNNMoney, Wired and Smashing Magazines. Our high energy and professional staff are committed to improving your SEO experience.

You can count on this… We’ll tell you what you need to know, which may not necessarily be what you want to hear.

Frustrated? We Understand.

If you’re frustrated because you haven’t achieved your online and offline marketing goals, let the team at Optimum7 help you meet and exceed those goals. We know that fancy design does not necessarily translate into leads and online sales; we provide comprehensive strategies and services that deliver results. Our Client Testimonials speak for our outstanding results. Our Case Studies further illustrate great results including the real data and the methodology we implemented to make it all happen. When your review our case studies, you should easily see how you too can actually shock your competitors and drive your business to the next level.

So, what exactly have we done to impress our clients to such an extent that they want to endorse our company?

The answer is unmatched Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO 101: Dare to Dominate Online

Optimum7 produces high visibility for highly competitive keywords on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The reason you want to be among the top rankings is to increase the visibility of your company amidst the millions of competitors’ web pages on the Internet. Once you have greater online visibility, there will be an increase in traffic to your website. If people like your website, they’ll stick around. If they stick around for long enough, you will have the opportunity to convert potential customers into paying customers.

Our Philosophy: Seeing Is Believing

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service, comprehensive strategy and top results. In fact, we’re so confident in our approach that we offer a Pay for Performance SEO program that determines how we are paid by our clients based on what we accomplish for them.

You only pay our total fee when you see results that can be measured using independent analytics. Many of our new clients come to us after feeling disappointed by their own marketing efforts or the efforts of other Internet marketing firms they trusted. We understand any initial uncertainties you may have, and in turn provide you with a renewed sense of confidence and peace of mind in a company that is actually willing, able and confident enough to closely tie its compensation with its performance.

If you follow the adage “seeing is believing”, Optimum7 is here for you. Contact us today!

Constant and Consistent Monitoring

Optimum7 recognizes that measuring performance is essential. Our independent analytics provide comprehensive reports that give detailed performance insights, with the goal of improving your ROI. Optimum7 monitors all activities to provide a continual feedback loop to optimize results.

Rest assured with a team of highly trained professionals working to increase your online presence. Call now for a no obligation initial consultation!

10 Ways We Can Service You

Our top-notch, cutting edge Internet Marketing Services include, but are not limited to—

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the premier online marketing method. Why? Because Page 1 of Google is the Main Street of the 21st Century and Optimum7’s SEO strategies can bring your website to Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing with our highly trained professional staff and our unmatched SEO methodology. We have done it before and we can do it again. Simply visit our current rankings page to see what we mean.

Did you know that 90% of our new visitors come here via the search engines? So the fact that you are here is a testament to the understanding that Optimum7 is highly visible. In fact, more than 12,000 unique keywords and phrases are used every month by visitors to Optimum7.com. We have some clients that have more than 70,000 unique keywords used by actual visitors to their websites. This “keyword breadth” is solid evidence of SEO that is finding all of the converting keywords and ranking for them consistently.

The Optimum7 Team is completely focused on results; not just carrying out a menu of tasks. It takes integrity and commitment day in and day out to produce SEO results. We provide complete transparency through open project management and active communication with our clients so they know what to expect and when to expect it.

    1. Paid Search/Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Optimum7 is a Google Certified Partner and is often asked by Google to test new PPC Services pertaining to their AdWords paid search model. Optimum7 PPC or Pay per Click services are anchored by true PPC professionals who know how to setup and manage any PPC campaign from the ground up. From extensive keyword research to bidding strategy to optimizing click-through rates and conversion rates, Optimum7 can drive positive ROI straight to your bottom line.

  1. Website Design and Development
    Are you looking for a new website design, redesign, ecommerce integration or new functionality? Look no further! We offer the finest web programming and website design talent in the business. Want a more professional look? Maybe a more engaging or entertaining experience? Our accomplished design team will work closely with you to create just the right look and feel that communicates that right message for your audience. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so see some of our transformationsWe not only have transformed the look and functionality of these sites, we also increased their traffic. Would you like to see these kinds of results for your website?
  2. Conversion Optimization…Turn Visitors into Customers
    It is just not enough for an SEO company to drive loads of traffic to a client’s website. ROI is what really counts and that ROI can only be achieved by driving lots of converting traffic. Optimum7 uniquely includes Conversion Optimization Services in our SEO methodology because we realize that our ultimate value to our clients doesn’t just lie with increased rankings and traffic; it rests on the bottom line through actual conversions as defined by our clients and the job description of the website itself. So, whether it’s product sales, sign-ups, subscriptions, contact forms or phone calls, Optimum7 provides expert conversion strategies that work!
  3. Social Media Optimization
    Internet marketing and social media are inextricably linked. Whether it is social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon or sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn, you want to be visible, connected and involved in the conversation across the web. Optimum7 social media experts bring the power of the social media to your business. We integrate this strategy in all of our Internet marketing services including SEO.Try it now by choosing your favorite social site to tell your friends about Optimum7!Internet Marketing Services

    Would you like to be both visible and social like this?

  4. Reputation Management
    Your reputation is everything, especially in today’s highly competitive market. We understand that unfortunately, word of mouth can work against you, and with the Internet, you’re likely to watch that bad news spread like wildfire. Our team can assist you in minimizing the damage by implementing a customer service feedback loop, clear plans for escalating issues, SEO strategy targeting brand keywords and social media monitoring. Why wait until your reputation is at stake to start caring about your public image? Optimum7 is here to assist you with your corporate reputation strategy. Contact us, we can help.
  5. Power Backlinking
    Backlinks are inbound links to your website and are very important in the SEO process. However, not all backlinks are created equal; in fact, most backlinks have little value as Google continually raises the bar on what really has value in ranking for relevance, credibility and authority. Backlink quality is much more important than backlink quantity. Optimum7 Power Backlinking strategies is completely focused on getting the best websites possible to link to you.
  6. Custom Programming
    It is critical that your website is fully equipped to provide the latest functionalities for your visitors. This can include a wide array of integrations including state of the art blogging, ecommerce and social media platforms just to name a few. Optimum7 has mastered these integrations and have developed unique features that our clients enjoy exclusively.
  7. E-commerce Design and Management
    Our e-commerce professionals have provided cutting edge solutions for many different kinds of businesses, all of which seek direct sales through their e-commerce store. Optimum7 offers the unique blend of design, programming, integration and SEO expertise to foster that elusive combination of being both highly visible online and increasing sales through a wide array of conversion optimization tools.
  8. SEO Copywriting/Website Copywriting … Content that Pops
    SEO copywriting/Website copywriting combines the art of writing with the subtle implementation of select keywords that people use when looking up a certain topic on search engines. The reason for this functionality is rankings. There is, however, no point in achieving a first page ranking if no one likes your site, or your copy. We understand the golden rule of SEO copywriting: content is King.Our team is passionate about the art of writing striking, intriguing and captivating copy, and work to strategically implement those “magical words” that inform, persuade, entertain and most importantly, connect with you, the audience. We make sure visitors stick around for long enough to get you a sale.A big mistake SEO copywriters make is keyword stuffing, which will eventually get your site banned by Google. Never sacrifice the quality of your content for keywords. Our team of diligent copywriters knows that if you want to connect with human beings and rank well, balance is the key.

Watch while your website climbs up the ranks. Get the advice you need to prosper online from the experts.

10 Reasons to Put Your Trust in Us

Let’s recap who we are and what benefits our clients.

  • Well-established and growing Internet marketing firm
  • Page 1 rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Increased traffic and increased conversions
  • Recognized, ethical SEO company
  • High energy, passionate and professional staff
  • High client satisfaction through proven results
  • Cutting edge strategies and processes
  • Pay For Performance SEO program
  • Advanced analytics tools to measure performance
  • No obligation initial consultation

Make us Your Secret Weapon

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May 15, 2014