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The Business

Stickers Quick is a large and domestic business in California that manufactures custom stickers and custom hang tags for apparel and retail products. They provide the highest brand identity solutions to their customers which is from small startups to large companies.

The firm came to us in hopes of increasing their sales by adding new functionalities and improving the user experience. We started working with them in August 2019.

The Objective

We had two main purposes for Stickers Quick. The first was to develop custom functionality that would allow Stickers Quick and potential customers who visit their online store to save time. We decided to develop a quoting system where the price change can be calculated because they have a product range that is available for customization and has many different product options.

Our second objective was to improve the user experience by implementing a new template to the website that lags behind the design trends. Thanks to a more attractive and modern storefront, we aimed to achieve an increase in new and repeat customer conversion rates. Stickers Quick selected a BigCommerce template and provided a logo. Then our team set up this template with the logo.

The Strategy

  • Custom Functionality: Quoting System

  • Template Customization

Custom Functionality: Quoting System

Stickers Quick wanted a custom quoting system to offer pricing according to the product options of their customers. Our developers created formulas from excel to PHP, dynamic, and connected to API based on the quoting table structure. As a second step, we created and implemented image upload functionality on the custom shapes page. Then we designed the sticker descriptions, special prices & discounts, and form validations, as well as necessary controls — image size and format– for the customer’s benefit.

Template Customization PV Labels

Template Customization

This project began with an understanding of customer requests with appropriate template research. Stickers Quick provided their choice of template, the new logo, and the existing content. Our development team set up the new template and completed the custom changes based on the flowchart.


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