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The Business

Rostek Innovations LLC is a retailer of stainless steel furniture and components. The store located in Frenchtown, New Jersey. Rostek Innovations works in metal manufacturing and offers a high-quality number of products unmatched in the industry.

Due to wanting a more attractive storefront and a pleasant online shopping experience for their customers, Rostek Innovations LLC came to us in October 2018. We offered to work on template customization for their BigCommerce store.

Rostek Website

The Objective

Our main objective was to set up a new template on their online store and increase the visitor-to-customer conversion rates. Rostek Innovations LLC allows its customers to select various product options, even the custom ones. An easy and usable storefront design would help to increase customer satisfaction.

The Strategy

  • Template Customization

Template Customization


We’ve built a new theme on their eCommerce website. By showing the categories and subcategories on the home page, we have made it easier for visitors to find the product they seek.

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The Results