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The Business

Davidson Defence is a manufacturer and FFL licensed retailer of sporting rifle parts and accessories. With their years of experience in the firearm industry, Davidson Defense has been offering high-quality products and the best prices. They have a wide customer range online as well as at their local gun shop in Orem, Utah.

As a legal requirement of manufacturing and retailing of ammunition or guns, the FFL-licensed online stores have to deliver the ordered firearms to the customers via licensed FFL dealers. For this very reason, Davidson Defense needed to make the checkout process easier for their three different online stores currently on 3dcart. To remove this obstacle to a good customer experience as well as revenue enhancement, Davidson Defense decided to have us implement the FFL API which our team has built and integrated with the ATF Database. We took on Davidson Defense, Delta Team Tactical, and Omega Tactical Distribution in May 2020.

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The Objective

Our primary goal was to seamlessly integrate FFL API to our client’s online stores which were on 3dcart. This FFL Integration would prevent the potential order cancellations caused by the customers entering their private addresses in the shipping information at checkout. The purchased rifles would directly ship to an FFL dealer which the customer would select through our FFL API.

This particular FFL Integration would also synchronize with the ATF Database for instant look-ups of active dealer licenses. To search for dealers at checkout and select the nearest or the preferred one easily on the map would positively impact the company’s revenue growth.

The Strategy

  • FFL Functionality, Integration, And API

FFL Functionality, Integration, And API

We have integrated the FFL API App which has been developed by our experienced developers in FFL API Integration, on the online stores on 3dcart. Once this integration was completed, the customers got started to see a map on checkout.

This map shows the active dealers by zip code or range. It gives users the ability to select one of the dealers pinned on the map. The shipping address fields are automatically filled with dealer’s information and the customers are prevented from entering their private address manually. We only showed dealers have a valid license and labeled those recently added but with expired or canceled licenses. While this feature is applied only for firearms, products that will show the FFL functionality can be selected from the panel.

As a final touch, to help convert a customer into a returning user, we made customizations on color schemes on the checkout pages. The palette changes would enhance the customer journey.

FFl API Gun Dealer

FFl API Gun Dealer Locator


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