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The Business

The Grass Outlet is a well-established and professional business that provides high-quality grass shipments to its customers. The company was founded on a family farm in Austin Texas over 40 years ago.

The company had two main problems in its process: seasonal products and time-sensitive shipping. In 2018, they came to Optimum7 with the hope of improving its delivery management system and having a new UI.

The Grass Outlet Website Mockup

The Objective

Our main goal was to expand their retail presence to new regions.  That required several improvements in the delivery process and logic, including:

– Tracking farms

– Setting availability

– Scheduling trucks and pallets

– Assigning drivers

The Strategy

  • Custom Programming and Functionality

Custom Programming and Functionality

They were already using a delivery manager to take orders and assign them to trucks. But the existing panel could not meet our client’s needs. Our developers created a new Delivery Manager Panel which is more responsive. The new UI has included several advanced functions and has solved their problems.

Access Levels: Optimum7 has integrated a role-based access control (RBAC) function and it ensures the categorization of users by their own status. Role-based access control not only gave the ability to grant enough access. It also made it possible for arbitrary levels of granularity. That would provide remarkable advantages to our client: defining authority hierarchy, boosting operational efficiency, and improving compliance between roles in the business.

Order Entry: As a part of Delivery Manager, an order form allows users to enter contact details and information about their purchase. We entered the variety along with the amount ordered then integrated them into QuickBooks for The Grass Outlet.

Delivery Manager UI: Optimum7 developed an advanced Delivery Manager Panel to manage all the custom functions created. This UI made that managing farms, scheduling trucks, and assigning drivers easy for our client.

E-Commerce Shipping

Custom Delivery Management System Functionality

Logic on Assignment and Availability: When Grass Outlet receives an order to ship to a customer, they only have a certain amount of loads that they can load on the trucks. Every truck has a different capacity. So, Optimum7 built a logic that is dependent on the following;

– Number of trucks

– Load capacity of each truck

– Proximity of where the truck is going that day and the stops it will make

– Assigning the web orders to the trucks based on availability logic

– Tracking the system and using logs for efficiency

– Ability for multiple users to manage this system from a UI

– Managing millions of dollars worth of orders with this automated truck loading system

It also allowed setting block-out dates on the calendar. In this way, customers would choose delivery, shipping, and pickup dates only from the available dates.

Besides these, we have added functionality to generate reports, including total order summary report, miles/pallet report, daily region report per truck.

This system can be used for any truck loading or delivery system in the world.


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