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The Business

Purrfect Packs is an online business that delivers top-quality cat toys and all-natural treats to your door on a periodical basis for your furry friends. To provide recurring service, our client has been using a subscription box business model. They meet customer needs throughout the year by delivering boxes every month with just a single order process.

To reach more cat-lovers and deliver specialized boxes based on the pets’ specifications, they needed optimizations on their Shopify store. In April 2020, Purrfect Packs came to us. As [art of our consultation, we looked at the lowest hanging fruits and opportunities. After significant improvement points are identified, we got started on working on their online store. to increase the percentage of website visitors that convert on their side.

Purrfectpacks Website Mockup

The Objective

Our main objective was to optimize the conversion elements of Shopify. This strategy involves identifying the primary and secondary call to actions as well as design-nailing down the bottom of the funnel activity on the site. To remove major obstacles from purchasing, we planned to optimize the design to provide an ideal layout to visitors.

A captivating user experience would boost conversions of our client’s online store on Shopify. Besides all these optimizations that we identified, implementing necessary Apps on Shopify for maximized conversions and nurture was one of our primary goals.

The Strategy

  • Shopify Optimization

Shopify Optimization

Our developers optimized primary and secondary call-to-action layout and link to boost conversion rates. We added calls to action on the homepage and product pages above the fold, as well as sticky calls to action on mobile. Triggered chatbot and linked emails tap into the enormous client base of the messenger service. We optimized homepage, header and footer layout as well as product pages as a means to improve UX.

By adding Buy Now / Subscription Now buttons in the mobile view, we achieved an increase in converting visitors to customers and removed all distractions from purchasing. We worked on the subscription system that makes Purrfect Packs different and implemented Bold integrated with Shopify checkout.

Purrfect Packs


Purrfectpacks Results