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The Business

3rd Gen Tactical. started as a small machine shop in California. It has been providing service to firearm users for three generations by blending superior engineering and their passion. In the light of the knowledge passed from father to son, 3rd Gen Tactical attain a place in the gun industry in America with high-quality arms, targeting a wide range of customers from competitive shooters to military or law enforcement professionals.

There are legal restrictions on selling firearms on an eCommerce website in the United States. Our client needed to remove legal obstacles to offer a great online shopping experience. They especially needed improvements in the order and shipping process as well as custom programming. In February 2020, 3rd Gen Tactical approached us to have us implement our successful solution on their WooCommerce online store: FFL API.

3rd Gen Tactical Website Mockup

The Objective

The primary goal of Ship to FFL Functionality, Integration, and API was to ensure enable online visitors to seamlessly place an order and to receive their orders from licensed dealers. In the United States, one cannot directly send firearms to online customers’ personal addresses. An FFL dealer has to receive and release the firearm to the customer in person.

To eliminate this major problem, the checkout page would show FFL dealers. The customer could then choose one to complete the order process. This custom solution would decrease the number of cancellations and refunds as well as increase customer satisfaction.

We decided to set up the FFL API Plugin, an effective solution for both the customer and the store owner. The team achieved fascinating results especially in revenue and total online store traffic.

The Strategy

  • Custom Functionality: FFL Functionality and API

Custom Functionality: FFL Functionality and API

Our software team has released the FFL API Plugin for WooCommerce with the experience we have gained. We have implemented numerous FFL functionalities for online gun stores in the United States.

First, our developers completed the setup of the FFL API Plugin on WooCommerce. Through this plugin, the online store gained several user-friendly features that benefit the simplified checkout process. On the checkout page, we showed dealers on the map and gave users the ability to enter a zip code and select the desired FFL dealer. These dealers are pinned on the map. In this way, shipping address fields are automatically filled with the selected dealer’s address information, and customers are prevented from entering their personal addresses to purchase arms.

Considering that our customers sell not only firearms but also accessories and equipment, we selected the products to be applied through the plugin and showed them only. Thanks to a bulk update feature on the admin panel, our client can update a large number of products with one click as well as determine products as FFL or non-FFL.

To provide the perfect UI on the checkout, we made suitable color customization for the theme. FFL API integrates with the ATF database so dealer information in the functionality always stays up-to-date. We only showed dealers have a valid license and labeled those recently added but with expired or canceled licenses.

FFl API Gun Dealer Locator
FFl API Gun Dealer


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