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The Business

Sunbelt Packing Sales and Sunbelt Cup Company, a single entity, is an affiliated eCommerce packaging manufacturer that has been a partner with Dr. Pepper to supply and distribute disposable and reusable beverage cups since 2014. Besides its exciting partnership, the Sunbelt Cup Company has a strong background in developing and earning customer trust and loyalty since 1980.

To sell official Dr. Pepper cups online and reach their target customers efficiently, Sunbelt Cup Company came to Optimum7 in 2019. Our client was keen to run a separate online store on BigCommerce for the products manufactured for Dr. Pepper. They needed a user-friendly and interactive template to improve user engagement.

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The Objective

The goal was to boost customer satisfaction and ensure a simple and user-friendly online shopping experience. We aimed to set up a new template on their digital storefront and stimulate the visitor-to-customer conversion rates. An easy and usable storefront design would increase online visitor retention.

The Strategy

  • eCommerce Template Customization

eCommerce Template Customization

Sunbelt Cup BigCommerce Template Customization project is a one-time BigCommerce Template Customization project and no additional money charged for the template. Optimum 7 has been worked on https://drpeppercups.com/.

Sunbelt Cup Company chose a responsive BigCommerce template for us to set up on their new online store for Dr. Peppers. Besides the template, the logo and all content for the Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, and Customer Service pages were provided by our client, then our development team implemented them for their website.

In addition to the template setup, Optimum7 set up the configurations of the new BigCommerce store including payment setup, shipping setup, store options, related products, category views, product display settings, emails, and more. We made the new online storefront more remarkable by making minor design adjustments.

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