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The Business

Gray & Sons Jewelers is a watch and jewelry store with certified pre-owned luxury watches, giving the most satisfactory service in buying or selling these items in Florida since 1980. They wanted to provide a high-quality shopping experience for all their clients, no matter the time or place. They knew that one of the keys to success was providing quality service on their eCommerce site and at their Miami Beach store.

When Gray and Sons came to Optimum7 in 2019, they needed to drive their organic traffic and boost online visibility significantly. We took over the entire custom marketing strategy besides site optimizations from a conversion standpoint.

G&S Website Movkup

The Objective

Our primary objective was to uplift their organic visibility and generate sustainable web traffic with our standard SEO strategy, including content marketing. With relevant and quality content, organic SEO would generate more clicks.

Secondly, we aimed to focus on increasing their online presence. Guest blog posts and a tailor-made online PR strategy would allow them to reach more potential customers.

Thirdly, it was essential to find a new automated email marketing platform. We decided to move Gray and Sons from their current email marketing platform to Klaviyo.

Lastly, we decided to optimize their eCommerce site to put them on the map. In that way, once customers search for relevant terms, their site would show up.

The Strategy

  • Organic SEO and Content

  • Guest Blog Posts and Online PR

  • Site Optimizations

  • Migration from Bronto to Klaviyo

Organic SEO and Content

Our SEO experts researched and identified relevant keywords, built links from other websites with similar content or niches, and offered ongoing support to measure results. The Gray & Sons site could rank at the top of the organic search engine pages with these tools.

Guest Blog Posts and Online PR

One cannot overstate the impact of guest blog posts on a solid PR strategy. They involve building connections with other website owners and writers, as well as creating backlinks. The power they have to reach target audiences is unmatched!

For Gray and Sons, the power of guest blogging has worked wonders. Their organic rankings have skyrocketed thanks to the team’s efforts in building high-quality authority backlinks through targeted sources.

Site Optimizations

Our team began by highlighting the lowest hanging fruits on their eCommerce site and creating a custom process. This process included search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO). All the optimizations that we made to improve mobile usability — Sticky Add to Cart button, prominent call-to-actions (CTAs), and page speed — significantly boosted their site’s traffic in the first six months.

Migration from Bronto to Klaviyo

If you’re looking for a team to migrate your store with, we have the knowledge and experience. We took care of everything during the migration process–installing Klaviyo tracking and migrating content from their current platform without losing or corrupting any necessary details. The transition was smooth, thanks to our efforts!


In just the first six months, we increased their rankings in the top 3 and top 10 keywords and positions by over 50%.

In the first 6 months, their organic traffic was up by 35%, with a whopping 22,000 more visitors per month.

Gray & Sons successfully leveraged Klaviyo to increase their leads and purchases via Email Marketing by 72%.

Grays&Sons Results