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The Business

Oh So Cherished is a UK-based online business aimed at those who want to make their loved ones feel special. The store retails unique gifts, personalized jewelry and other beautifully designed products. Our client and her team have transformed the personalization and originality intention into gift-giving inspiration. They have reached their customers from the four corners of the world since 2006.

With the addition of new products which will be personalized for the customers, there was an increase in its product range and categories. In 2019, when Volusion, the eCommerce platform they were currently on, began remaining incapable of its long-term business objectives, Oh So Cherished decided it was time for a change and started looking for another eCommerce platform that was better at accurately fulfilling the brand’s needs.

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The Objective

Oh So Cherished took interest in BigCommerce’s enhanced product features and customization options. We quickly got to making a decision on the new eCommerce platform. Our client’s main objective was to increase overall revenue on a completely revamped eCommerce store.

We agreed on our eCommerce Data Migration Service for BigCommerce, migrating all of our client’s products, customer, order data, and other information to the new online store. As a BigCommerce Partner, we’ve done quite a few data migrations for eCommerce replatforming. Thanks to all the experience we’ve gained over the years, we prepared a well-conceived execution schedule for our client to minimize unexpected complications. At the end of the data migration process, we would make sure no data gets left behind.

The Strategy

  • Data Migration

Data Migration

After being on Volusion for years, the Oh So Cherished team realized that they were not performing well due to expanding needs and the platform’s incapability to accommodate them. We migrated all their data to BigCommerce, which has more user-friendly features for store owners and accessible customer service. The following items were migrated:

  • Products: 1,179
  • Categories: 171
  • Options: 973
  • Orders: 15,233
  • Customers: 13,675
  • Order History
  • Coupons and Discounts: 23

As a final touch, payment, taxes and shipping configurations were set up on the new BigCommerce store. Then we made the site ready to use.

Data Migration


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