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The Business

Arlyn Scales is a B2B and B2C company that has been developing high-quality industrial scales and custom weighing solutions for over 40 years. As a leader in the weighing industry, Arlyn Scales provides exceptional customer service to its customers in major industries, including education, healthcare, agriculture, industrial and manufacturing.

In 2014, Arlyn Scales wanted to grow its operations online and boost the company’s visibility. They realized that both marketing and development efforts were lacking on the eCommerce site. The company started looking for an agency that is an expert in eCommerce development and marketing. Not long after, Arlyn Scales found Optimum7, and our journey has begun. Even they didn’t know they will become our most loyal client!

The Objective

We had several objectives with Arlyn Scales from both a development and marketing standpoint.

Firstly, they had a headless commerce site, and it needed to gain flexibility and velocity. Its back end was on Volusion and we decided to migrate it to a more scalable and SEO-friendly eCommerce platform – BigCommerce. That would be the best fit for their needs and give them a competitive advantage and better customer experience as well as a significant increase in conversion optimization.

Secondly, one of our objectives was to decouple and remove the front-end from their new site on BigCommerce. Our team would install a new template on WordPress to keep its headless commerce architecture.

Thirdly, Arlyn Scales needed an advanced SEO strategy. That would skyrocket their Google keyword ranking and overall SEO.

Fourthly, we aimed to increase Arlyn Scale’s repeat website traffic and rankings in organic search. Retargeting would be the best online marketing strategy to help supplement our SEO strategy.

Lastly, Arlyn Scales needed a custom development solution to track phone calls via session IDs on the website. A well-designed solution by our development team would perfectly meet their specific needs.

The Strategy

  • eCommerce Migration

  • WordPress Template Design

  • SEO

  • Retargeting

  • Custom Development: Tracking / Session IDs

eCommerce Migration


Arlyn Scales was a headless commerce site. They used to keep products on Volusion in WordPress. After being on Volusion for years, Arlyn Scales had outgrown Volusion and needed a more scalable eCommerce platform. So, we suggested migration to BigCommerce. We smoothly migrated all products and form structures on the product pages to BigCommerce.

Data Migration

WordPress Template Design


Once the migration was completed Arlyn Scales needed a new storefront for its front-end side on WordPress. They provided their choice of template and existing content. Our developers set up the new template on WordPress and completed payment and shipping configurations.



Our marketing team prepared an advanced SEO strategy, including authority, backlinking and content optimization. We researched ranking details and identified relevant keyword universes, difficulty, and potential. Our SEO experts built high-quality deep backlinks and brand mentions. Arlyn Scales has been ranked on the first page of Google in thousands of keywords thanks to this strong SEO strategy.



Optimum7 created a Facebook Ad strategy that is both creative and informative. We set up retargeting campaigns in order to reach out to audiences who already know about Arlyn Scales or visited the website before. Then followed up by showing ads geared towards people interested enough on their own accord.

Custom Development: Tracking / Session IDs

Optimum7 specializes in custom eCommerce development. Our team developed a custom solution for Arlyn Scales to track phone calls via session ID. We assigned a unique session ID to every single site visit. The representative on the phone could get the session id and record it with the lead or the order. It was also integrated with Google Analytics to track session IDs and see where any session ID originated from. Our developers created a dashboard for Arlyn Scales. So, they could track all session IDs, orders and referrals.

Arlyn Scales Session ID