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The Business

The Crystal and Stones online store proves energy tools to enhance emotional balance and support for your clients throughout a spiritual journey. Wares include healing crystals, candles, energy stones, essential oils that have healing properties. These items also balance the body, mind, and spirit from 2019.

Thanks to the dedication of spreading the magnetic energy of crystals with the world, Crystal and Stones can reach people keen to connect conscious thoughts with their bodies. Everything started with this thought. Crystal and Stones came to Optimum7 to make their beliefs a reality.

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The Objective

Our main objective was to build Crystal and Stones’ online presence and brand recognition within the relevant target audience on digital platforms. This would require long-range planning with many deliverables.

Optimum7 did process planning step by step and prepared an execution schedule to present task-level details and timeline, then started an eCommerce business for Crystal and Stones from scratch. With this main goal, we decided to mainly work on Digital Marketing, eCommerce Development, and Design services.

The Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Branding

  • Content

  • Supply Chain

  • eCommerce Development

  • Subscription Box

  • Marketing & SEO

  • Subscription Flow

  • Conversion Elements

Website Design

Crystal and Stones would need a well-designed storefront to provide their visitors with the best online shopping experience. Our developers started the design process by setting up the theme chosen for Crystal and Stones.

We then customized the homepage, category, product, and static pages; and checkout based on the client’s needs. The color scheme centered around purple which symbolizes spirituality and the subconscious, to attract attention to our client’s objectives.

Crystals and Stones Web Design


In eCommerce business, branding is much more than just a logo or brand name. The branding process is a strategy that aims to build a reassuring, strong, and positive company profile and to reflect the unique personality of the business to the customers. We started developing a branding strategy by digging into our client’s history to find out the inspiration.

Based on the clarified vision, we profiled the brand and specified what are the target customers’ needs. That helps us determine how can we define brand personality, and what does the brand offer. The brand would deliver high-quality natural stones to its customers, thereby increasing their vibration levels. In this way, Crystal and Stones spread the positive energies of its healing crystals throughout the world.


Outstanding website content is the most important tool in achieving key business objectives and marketing goals. Our copywriting team prepared a well-structured content strategy that shows plans for what, where, and when of content creation. Based on this long-term client-focused strategy, we started creating page content and publishing blog posts.

Healing crystals, which made up the product range of Crystal and Stones, were the main focus of the targeted buyer personas. We focused on this audience and created content in areas with natural stones and related interests, such as intention and zodiac sign. Besides page content, we created a blog to build awareness, informing, and assisting in beginners.

What is Content Marketing Infographic

Crystals and Stones Supply Chain

Supply Chain

eCommerce business strategy is not just limited to setting up an online store, designing a website, and selling products online. Under the title of operational execution processes for the business, there are crucial processes namely, fulfillment, logistics, and supply chain.

Our consultant reviewed manufacturing and supply chain options and costs to determine an efficient process to meet customers’ expectations. Based on the financial and operational standpoint, we built short-term and intermediate-term planning.


eCommerce Development

Considering the number of products, product options, pricing, and expectations of our customers, we decided to set up their online stores on BigCommerce, one of the most-user friendly platforms.

After setting up a new BigCommerce store, we set up the configurations for payment, taxes, shipping, store options, related products, and emails. We also use WordPress as a CRM solution to add more customization to the store.

ECommerce Development

Crystals and Stones Subscription Box

Subscription Box

The subscription allows customers to receive the product on a regular monthly basis with just one subscription, without the need to order repeatedly each month. We created kits for the customers with the following tiers: starter, novice, premium, and expert.

Target audiences can choose the ones that suit them, and used an appropriate pricing structure for each kit according to the number of natural stones it contains and other additional products. Our team completed the subscription box process by establishing the most suitable payment system for recurring payments.

Marketing & SEO

After our developers completed the setup and design of the online store, our marketing team set a detailed marketing execution schedule. Our marketers started the process by identifying target keywords and aimed to get successful results in SEO performance by adding meta title tags, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and category descriptions.

In addition, a strong backlink strategy supported this SEO ranking improvement process. Besides eCommerce SEO, our professional marketing team built an online presence of our clients on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

cC&s sub box functionality

Subscription Flow

eCommerce subscription is a business model that ensures the company gives ongoing services on a regular basis in exchange for recurring payments from the customers. With monthly subscriptions, customers make recurring payments for taking delivery of natural crystals. To offer the most suitable and custom healing crystal kits to online store visitors, we designed a subscription flow that gets personal information from customers such as name, zodiac sign, essentials, and email address.

We gave the ability to our client’s customers to choose the right kit for their needs from the ones which have different prices and inclusions. Owing to a well-designed subscription flow we got effective results in customer acquisition cost and the number of attracted customers. Thanks to this flow, we ensured that our customer obtains data for revenue forecasting, which is crucial for a newly established eCommerce business.

Conversion Elements

With the involvement of our marketing team, we added many must-have conversion elements and call-to-actions, and delivered an online makeover for the website. In order to make the checkout process user-friendly, we added Soft Add to Cart Pop-Up, thus ensuring that the shopping process continues without landing customers directly to the checkout page.

By choosing to keep the cart page simple, we helped customers experience better online shopping without being distracted or confused. On the checkout page, we offered a guest checkout option to customers who do not prefer creating a profile, and reduced the chance of cart abandonment. All these optimizations would increase the rate of traffic converts to leads and sales.

Increasing Conversion Rates in eCommerce


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