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The Business

Bulb Daddy has over 50 years of experience with industrial lighting. The company has provided its customers with premium quality LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent CFL, and hard-to-find light bulbs. Lighting is a crucial part of every kind of design including commercial, industrial, residential, and horticultural. It has a unique capability to affect an area’s atmosphere, indoors or outdoors. At Bulb Daddy, the experienced team offers LED solutions with the latest technology.

In August 2020, Bulb Daddy decided to improve customer experience and increase their eCommerce website’s conversion rates. Switching and migrating to another eCommerce platform would meet its business objectives as well as introduce robust features. In line with this purpose, Bulb Daddy needed eCommerce business experts who would navigate business challenges.

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The Objective

eCommerce platform migration is a delicate process due to potential risks for data loss as well as an adverse impact on search engine rankings and authority respectively. We used an advanced migration execution schedule to safely migrate our client’s store to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce would boost our client’s years of hard work as well as increase product visibility and conversions. Besides the technical aspects of re-platforming, we aimed to handle the design aspects. BigCommerce responsive template customization would provide the solution.

The Strategy

  • eCommerce Migration

  • Template Customization

eCommerce Migration

Our developers have compiled a list of critical data we need to migrate from the Volusion platform to BigCommerce. This would prevent any loss of crucial product or company information. At the end of the process, we handled the migration of data and content within our client’s existing website on time.

One of the major considerations of the re-platforming process is to pay attention to SEO ranking authority. We mapped existing Volusion URLs to the new BigCommerce URLs. We know all BigCommerce server settings’ technical details and seamlessly implemented 301 redirects the correct way.

The following items were migrated to the new store.

  • Products
  • Options
  • Option Categories
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Order History
  • Info Pages

Data Migration

Template Customization PV Labels

Template Customization

Although the team migrated the eCommerce website to BigCommerce, the developers still had to consider design aspects. The design ensures the first touchpoint between the visitor and the store. Thus, it’s one of the most crucial factors affecting conversion rates.

Our client selected a responsive pre-built BigCommerce template. We set up that template to support custom functionality and integration. The team customized it with key branding elements, content, layout, and navigation elements. We set up store options as well as payment and shipping methods, store options, related products, category views, and product display settings. These are all essential configurations of managing the online store.


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