Conversion Rate


Returning Visitors


The Business

Big Shoes is a well-known retail business of large shoe sizes that appeals to men and women who need big numbers. Our client, who has a wide range of products, offers retail store and online store visitors a variety of products in many name brands, styles, and activities. Besides large size shoes, they also offer clothing and accessories to their customers.

In 2019, Big Shoes came to us and was in need of making product search much accurate and easier. That would ensure them high conversion rates as well as remarkable and positive impacts on their revenue. Our experienced team suggested implementing Advanced Search and Filter functionality by considering the company’s large product numbers and category structure.

Bigshoes Website Mockup

The Objective

The core objective of implementing Advanced Search & Filter functionality was to ensure conversion rate increases in the long term. While online stores hope for higher sales and more satisfied customers from a well-functioning search, for many users the search is simply the function in an online store that they use first and most frequently. Advanced Search and Filter brings the customers and their desired products together even faster, so by implementing this correspondingly important functionality, both the user experience and the resulting conversion rate are positively influenced.

The Strategy

  • Custom Programing/Functionality

Custom Programing/Functionality

Advanced Search and Filter: Advanced search functionality allows users to determine more specific criteria that are not handled by keyword search or filter navigation. We implemented this functionality to our client’s online store on Shopify and give their visitors the ability to reach directly to the product they’re looking for and eliminate irrelevant products. As the user is typing into the search box, live search results display dynamically below. These search suggestions were shown grouped by collections and products according to our customer’s product and category structure.

Besides advanced search, we also implemented advanced product filtering and displayed it as a sidebar on the category pages. Advanced filter functionality is a commonly used feature in eCommerce stores, especially that offer a large number of products. Users have the ability to click the box of any filter criteria, and the results automatically update once each click or unclick. By receiving category-based filter criteria as an excel file from our client, we ensured online store visitors to narrow down a set of products to meet their needs and eliminate irrelevant results.