The Business

Intel, one of the tech giants in America and Silicon Valley’s titans with roots dating back decades ago to 1968. Since its inception Intel has been supplying microprocessors for some major players within the tech industry – they became one of America’s most successful companies at #45th Fortune 500 rank.

Intel Customer Solution Team’s needs were specific to their organization, and we had the answer. In 2016, it all started with a custom software development solution that would meet those demands – now these improvements can be seen in company productivity rates as well as increased flexibility for employees.

Intel Website Mockup

The Objective

The Intel Customer Solutions Team needed a way to reach out and engage with active VR test tool users. Our objective was to develop a custom web service API and give them the ability to push, test and communicate with thousands of CPUs all around the world through this API. This custom software development would provide a means through which the Intel Customer Solutions Team broadcast messages to active users of VR Test Tools host software.

The Strategy

  • Custom Web Service API Development

Custom Web Service API Development

Our development team started by addressing the technical needs and clarifying them, then created a detailed execution plan as well as an informative workflow. We have created a UI for the message management and admin authorization system, then we developed a web server that responds to predefined URL queries. This UI would allow only admins to have access via browser. That would also ensure users to parsing URLs to queries and store them in log storage. As a next step, we developed a web server client UI to manage messages on demand.

Intel Custom Web Service API


We delivered the web service and admin UI to our client, all of which have been tested and run smoothly. This custom-built API has completely solved a problem that administrators had been struggling with for some time – managing messages in real-time across different platforms efficiently enough so users don’t experience any downtime or slowdowns when they need to take action quickly.