Wellness Partners Case Study

How We Migrated Wellness Partner's 3dCart Site to BigCommerce




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The Business

Wellness Partners is a family-owned business that sells the highest quality health supplements and wellness products for over 20 years. Aiming to provide natural health supplements for their customers, Wellness Partners has over 150 products for women, men, children, and pets. In addition to its in-house line of natural supplements, Wellness Partners also carries healthy supplements from other trusted brands in the market.

Wellness Partners came to Optimum7 for the same reason many businesses do: they had outgrown their eCommerce platform. As Wellness Partners grew its customer base and product offerings, it needed a scalable platform with the freedom and capabilities to accommodate the increased demand. Based on their business needs and the growth trajectory of their business, we recommended a full eCommerce platform migration BigCommerce.

Wellness Partnets Website Mockup

The Objective

Our core objective was to migrate Wellness Partners’ existing website to a new eCommerce platform that is:

  • User-friendly, allowing multiple staff members to create and manage listings.
  • Fully-Customizable.
  • Integrated with their current inventory management and payment gateways.
  • Scalable, with capabilities to add eCommerce technologies and functionalities as their business grew.


Based on those requirements and Wellness Partners’ position in the market, we recommended one of the top eCommerce platforms for growing businesses, BigCommerce. BigCommerce is simple enough for small businesses to use and manage themselves, but powerful enough to accommodate your business needs as an online company grows.

The Strategy

  • 3dCart to BigCommerce Migration

  • BigCommerce Template Customization

eCommerce Migration

A migration from 3dCart to BigCommerce is a complex process with a large margin for error. Large amounts of sensitive data must be carefully transferred and restructured to fit the new platform’s frameworks. This includes product data, customer information, orders, content and reviews from their original website to BigCommerce.

After a detailed planning process, we were able to seamlessly migrate all data to the new BigCommerce store through API, removing all possibility of human error.

custom functionalities


BigCommerce Template Customization

Migrating data between eCommerce platforms is only one piece of the puzzle. Optimum7 was also tasked with customizing the pre-made BigCommerce template WellnessPartners.com had chosen to accommodate their customers’ specific shopping needs.

Optimum7 improved the online shopping experience by displaying products according to categories and brands. Thanks to adding customer video reviews and written reviews on the homepage, we’ve built trust and loyalty to the Wellness Partners brand.

The Results