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The Business

Holistic Healer & Wellness is an online retail business of healthy and natural products that are blended with aromatherapy, herbalism, esthetic and body care modalities. Our client set up her business to offer a holistic product line instead of chemical, carcinogens, and synthetic ingredients. Holistic Healer has dedicated to producing a full line of body, skin, beauty, and personal care, herbal supplements, and teas, and even pet care products for more than 20 years.

Due to enhancing a range of products, our client was in search of a more scalable eCommerce platform that is able to meet their needs. To this end, Holistic Healer & Wellness came to Optimum7 in 2019, and we suggested migrating the site to BigCommerce. Thanks to being a reliable and flexible eCommerce platform, BigCommerce would contribute to create a strong online presence.

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The Objective

We had several objectives with Holistic Healer & Wellness. The first was re-platforming and data migration including customer data, orders/transactions, products, and more. Being on BigCommerce would ensure increased product visibility and better conversion rates of our client’s online store. The second was to effectively boost our client’s conversion rates on the new eCommerce platform. In digital marketing, conversion optimization is a crucial process to increase the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers. The third was to improve SEO by adding content on category pages. A unique and useful category page content would help drive traffic and ultimately increase sales on our client’s online store.

The Strategy

  • eCommerce Migration

  • eCommerce Template Customization/Design

  • Conversion Optimization

eCommerce Migration

Our client was being on WooCommerce for years, however, realized that it remains incapable after a while owing to expanding product lines and both store owner’s and visitors’ needs. Our development team setup a new store on BigCommerce and migrated following items:

  • Products
  • Options
  • Categories
  • Images
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Coupons

eCommerce Data Migration for Enterprise Level Companies (Over One Million SKUs)

Holistic Healer

eCommerce Template Customization/Design

Holistic Healer & Wellness provided their choice of a new template and our development team set up the chosen responsive template that is suitable for all devices. As a final touch, payment and shipping configurations were set up on the new BigCommerce store, and we made the site ready to use. We also made customizations such as related products and to select options on the product pages.

Conversion Optimization

Our marketing and development team worked in a coordinated manner to increase the percentage of visitors who complete a website’s goal. The major optimizations that we applied are creating call-to-actions on product pages, adding phone numbers, prominent add to cart button, questions tab, trust-building elements, setup analytics funnel for forms, and more. With conversion optimization, we removed all obstacles on the way to purchase, and ensured higher return of investments, better scalability, more trust from users, a better understanding of the target group, and improvement of user experience.

Holistic Healer