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The Business

RC Superstore is a family business that specializes in model-sized remote-control (RC) vehicles. These models include cars, trucks, boats, drones, and more. Some are designed as vintage Cadillacs and monster trucks to pay homage to earlier designs. Founded in 2002, the store became big in the RC industry for retailing these vehicles.

RC Superstore came to us in 2018, and we started working with them in 2019. We initially designed a template customized project for a new BigCommerce store. They had noticed a change in conversions, revenue, and traffic and wanted to improve their metrics. This was because the landscape for RC had changed and affected their retailing significantly. Rather than using RC Superstore to distribute their RC cars and trucks, manufacturers sold them directly to the consumer. Their SEO would rank higher than that of RC Superstore, and they could afford to sell products at lower prices.

The Objective

Our goal was to increase RC Superstore’s conversion rates, SEO and revenue. That would mean increasing their brand authority. The company had partnered with the RC manufacturer Traxxas to sell their wares at a competitive price. We wanted to leverage that partnership to ensure that RC Superstore became an authority on the brand. That meant writing about their products with content relevant to potential consumers.

RC Superstore selected a BigCommerce Template. Optimum7 would setup this template to support the custom functionality and integration while implementing the client’s logo onto the website. Our web designer also setup the BigCommerce store’s configurations: payments, shipping, store options, related products, category views, product display settings, emails, and more.

They also wanted an advanced search filter. With such a filter, the products would display in real-time and we could prioritize them. Then we could put category pages on search results in a drop-down format.

Then RC Superstore selected top or side navigation options. Optimum7 had to adjust the navigation elements and the width of the site. We created additional content for their webpages, including blogs and category pages.

The Strategy

  • eCommerce SEO & Content Marketing

  • Link Building

  • Custom Functionality: Advanced Search & Filter

  • BigCommerce Template Customization

  • eCommerce Migration

eCommerce SEO & Content Marketing

After conferring with the store owners about the changes in their products, we started writing content for their blogs and category pages. This would increase RC Superstore’s keyword authority with SEO and allow them to rank higher on Google. In addition, their keyword universe would expand. The content pages contain valuable information about certain parts and models, ensuring that every user would get value out of them.


Link Building

RC Superstore had new product offerings, and they had a reputation for being an expert on remote-controlled vehicles. We created a backlink strategy so that their authority would increase and maintain its steady growth.

Custom Functionality: Advanced Search & Filter

RC Superstore wanted a custom advanced search filter. Our programmers easily indexed data and products to ElasticSearch. JS Code was placed into the BigCommerce database for results and filters. The main database daily syncs and indexes information from the webpage. Functionality had been implemented on the front end with completed tests We added a Direct API integration with BigCommerce for search queries

custom functionalities

Template Customization

RC Superstore provided their choice of template, the relevant logos, and the existing content. Our programmers then refined payment and shipping configurations. Convenience was key so that customers would order and receive their products fast.

eCommerce Migration

Originally, RC Superstore was using Volusion to host their website and online store. In the early 2000s, Volusion was the best platform to use for that purpose. One reason that they were not performing well was because of the changes happening with the store platform since the beginning of the decade. We migrated them to BigCommerce, which has more user-friendly features for store owners and accessible customer service.

The following items were migrated:

  • Products: ~ 8,720
  • Categories: 228
  • Product Options: 170
  • Customers: ~ 94,265
  • Orders: ~ 114,463
  • Order History

volusion to bigcommerce

The Results

After a few months of working with Optimum7, RC Superstore saw a spike in annual traffic during the holiday season: November, December and January 2019. Initially, they were down 30% in actual traffic, but their revenue increased by 10%. Customers were seeing their wares, however, and buying them for the holiday.

December 2019 was RC Superstore’s busiest month during that year. Their conversion rates increased by 36%, and their revenue by 50%. There were 25% more transactions as well, referring to the purchases that the customers made for the winter holiday. Sessions, or individual visits, increased by 22.57 percent and we could discern between new and established users.

January 2020 beat December 2019 traffic by 80 percent. On a month/month basis, eCommerce conversions increased by 4.79 %. Revenue increased by 45.62 % compared to January.

February 2020 beat January 2020 sessions by 18% and revenue by 20% respectively. Compared to December 2019, sessions increased by 30% and users increased by 26.7%.

Let’s go on a year by year basis. February 2020 beat February 2019 with a 65% increase in sessions, a 5.25% increase in conversions, and revenue doubled at 100.39%.

As of April 2020, we have seen RC Superstore outperform its previous months at a consistent pace regarding profitability, conversions, and traffic. Organic traffic for the past 30 days vs last year is up 129%, organic conversion rate is up 30.42%, and organic revenue is up 212.67%.
Optimum7 marketers are excited about the new ceiling for the 2020 holiday.