Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet Marketing Consulting ServicesInternet Marketing Consulting at Optimum7 is much more than a stand-alone service. It is the way we do business throughout all of the processes and collaborative efforts we are engaged in with and for our clients.

Marketing Consulting begins with understanding, understanding begins with listening, and listening begins with questions. So it is questions that really begin the consulting process to understand the clients past and present situation, the business and marketing objectives, the present and future expectations, the budget to accomplish the objectives, and the timeline involved in accomplishing these goals.

As our expertise is clearly internet marketing and all its core competencies, we further focus on the marketing objectives, with particular emphasis on the web-based marketing portion of the overall marketing plan.

Focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means RESEARCH; it’s the first and most vital step of the process. Research can answer literally hundreds of questions that neither the consultant nor the client has the answers for when we first begin. Here are just a few questions for which the answers are usually not known by the client prior to research.

  1. What are the top 25 keywords used to find your site on the search engines?
  2. Who are your major online competitors for these keywords?
  3. How many online searchers actually type these keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing?
  4. What is your conversion rate for visitors who come to your web site?
  5. What is your Cost Per Acquisition?

Without answers to these questions, a well thought out business decision cannot be made. For instance, it is often NOT known which keywords are important or if there are enough searchers of the important keywords to even justify the investment to do any internet marketing.


I once heard Hall of Fame Coach for the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Landry, say that every July, every player on every NFL team says that they want to be in the Super Bowl … however, there are only a precious few that are actually willing to do the things necessary to get to the Super Bowl.

The same thing is true when it comes to Online Marketing, particularly SEO Marketing. Everyone says they want to be on page 1 of Google; however, few SEO companies and clients are actually willing or able to do the things necessary to actually achieve page 1 results on Google. SEO is not trivial in any sense; it involves a complete commitment from the SEO company or consultant AND the hiring client.

Understanding this, it is important that the client understands very clearly what their role is and the kind of commitment that is involved. It goes way beyond writing checks. It requires deep involvement and communication so that the SEO Company understands the appropriate aspects of the business as it relates to the development of a comprehensive online strategy. Further, CONTENT IS NOT AN OPTION when it comes to success in SEO. is supplied by Optimum7 or our client, it is an absolute must for success online.Optimum7 is a full service Internet Marketing Firm. Our consultation services can be stand alone; however, it is always a part of our development and online marketing services.

September 2, 2011