Save time and money by incorporating a functionality that reminds your subscribers when their next payment is due. We can customize a friendly reminder that can be automatically emailed to your customers in a consecutive period of time. Give your users the ability to easily subscribe to a plan of their choice. Fully customizable rates and duration plans for subscriptions. Send subscribers reminders to renew before their subscription ends.

Subscription Payments and Reminders

Signing up for subscriptions can sometimes be a hassle. Maybe you as a customer are roped into subscribing for a service for a set number of months or you have to pay for the service when the company decides is a good time for you to make your payments. Perhaps you’d like to decide this stuff for yourself. That’s why Optimum7 created the Subscription Payments and Reminders functionality.

Who is it for?

The Subscription Payments and Reminders functionality is for businesses that offer subscription models to customers. The functionality is compatible with Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart, and Magento.

What Does It Do?

This functionality gives your users the ability to easily subscribe to a plan of their choice. The subscription rates and the duration plans for subscriptions are fully customizable. Subscribers are sent reminders to renew subscription plans before their subscriptions end.

Subscription Payments and Reminders Benefits

With this functionality, subscribers makes the rules. They decide how much to pay, when to pay, and for how long. They get reminders of when payments are due and when to renew subscriptions. This functionality improves user experience and keeps your customers coming back to your store for business because you put them and their needs first.

The Difference Subscription Payments and Reminders Makes

The Subscription Payments and Reminders functionality saves consumers and businesses time and money… it lets customers know when payments are due so business administrators don’t have to and it allows customers to tailor their subscription plans.

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