The Store Locator Functionality will automatically find the nearest store to the user and input this as the destination. The user will then be able to input their location and a route will be planned from the user’s location to the destination. The user will also be able to email themselves these directions or print them.

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Store Locator Functionality

When stores have multiple locations, it’s nice to know which one you should go to. Whether you’re at home, on your desktop computer or on your mobile phone, or you’re on the go, Optimum7’s Store Locator functionality makes it easy to locate stores close to where you are.

Who is it for?

This functionality is perfect for businesses that have multiple store locations. With the Store Locator functionality, you can help your customers find your business’ store locations easier and quicker. Your customers will appreciate the time they save searching for your company’s store locations because of this convenient functionality.

What Does It Do?

The Store Locator functionality automatically locates the business’ nearest store to whoever is using it and inputs the location as the destination. The user can then insert his or her current location and receive directions to the company’s stores immediately. If users are not ready to go directly to the store location, then this functionality allows the directions to be emailed to users and/or printed.

Store Locator Functionality Benefits

It’s easy enough to display your company’s multiple store addresses on your company’s website--your customers can copy and paste whatever address they want into Google Maps, or another navigation application, and figure out which store is closest to where they’re are. However, this can take a significant amount of time and some of your customers may not want to take the time to do this.

The Store Locator functionality benefits your customers by saving them time and hassle, and it benefits you, because your customers may be more likely to come into your store and buy products from you.

The Difference Store Locator Functionality Makes

Without the Store Locator functionality, your customers are left to their own devices. Give them a hand finding your company’s store locations and boost conversions with the integration of this convenient functionality.

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