Display images of product variations on your product pages that can be used by customers to select a specific variation of a product. Product variation thumbnails can be displayed all at once on product pages to give users an instant, visual representation of product variations allowing them to shop with confidence!

Product Variation Thumbnails

People want to know their options when it comes to online shopping and with the Product Variation Thumbnails functionality, stores can easily illustrate an array of product options.

Who is it for?

This functionality is ideal for any business that sells products available in different variations. For example, a school furniture supplier might use this functionality to show various student desk tops. It’s also a great functionality for showing different colors of lipstick, nail polish, and other makeup products.

What Does It Do?

You can easily display images of product variations on product pages with this functionality. The thumbnails are displayed all at once and give users an instant visual representation of product variations. This functionality provides customers with visual details they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Product Variation Thumbnails Benefits

Consumers can view all the of the product options at 1 time instead of clicking through images of product variations. This functionality makes shopping through different colors or styles quick and simple. The ultimate benefit of implementing it on your store is having your customers shop with confidence as they'll choose the exact products they were looking for!

The Difference Product Variation Thumbnails Makes

Without this functionality, customers would either not see a visual representation of various products or they would have to view multiple product images or pages to see every product variation offered. This functionality creates 1 convenient image to show off every variation for products on a store.

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