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Do your customers need help figuring out which product or service on your eCommerce store would be best for them? Depending on how complex the process of product selection is for your business, you may need a functionality that can improve this experience for customers. Optimum7’s Product Recommendation Survey lets you set up a series of questions designed to suggest ideal products and services to customers based on their answers. A service like this applies well to customizable products, or something highly personalized like shoes. This feature displays products that apply to each answer, helping your customers find what they need.

An eCommerce website will lose traffic and revenue if it is not quick and easy to navigate. Depending on what service or product your website offers, you may need a great deal of information from customers in order to meet their needs. Websites that offer a variety of services such as financial aid and tax relief can narrow down which items they should show customers based on these questions.


This product recommendation survey applies well to websites that sell products of a highly personalized nature such as shoes. It also helps service-based eCommerce stores with a wide range of offerings like technical, legal, financial, and tax aid. When you have more information about your customer, you can present more relevant material to them.

The Product Recommendation Survey functionality helps your eCommerce store guide consumers to the products and services that are the best match for what they want. Optimum7’s team sets up a series of questions that are presented to each visitor to your website. As customers progress through the survey, products that apply to their answers are displayed. Each question can be connected to a set of rules designed to create a narrower range of products to offer customers.

The main benefit of this functionality is that it can make the shopping process easier and more enjoyable for customers on your site. Your eCommerce store can offer a personalized degree of customer service with the help of this survey. It also creates curiosity about the next result, and the promise of more products to be revealed. This is an engaging way to show your materials to your customers because it turns them into active participants in the process. When you automate a system like this, your website becomes more adapted to the needs of your customers, which can help you get positive reviews, and more business.

On some eCommerce stores, customers punch keywords into a search bar and hope the result matches what they want. However, the result of using this functionality is that you can now serve customers who may have no idea what they want or need. With a series of well-chosen questions, you can display products that relate to the customer’s answers. That level of attention is the key to more sales, more traffic, and a more profitable future for an eCommerce store.

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