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The Full Screen Product Image functionality adds a button on your product images that when clicked will display the image in full screen. By viewing products in full screen, users will be able to see a level of detail that is lost when looking at smaller product images. Once viewing a full screen image, the user will have the option to scroll through alternate images in full screen before returning to the product page. This is a great functionality for storeowners who have very high-resolution product images and wish to show off their products in great detail.

Everyone who has ever shopped online understands that small product images just aren’t enough. They’re great for browsing, but once a shopper is interested in purchasing a product, he or she needs to see the product up close and personal. That’s why features like zoom exist. Optimum7 took product images one step further with our Full Screen Product Images functionality.


The Full Screen Product Images functionality is for any business that features product images on its website.

This functionality adds a button to product images on your website and, when the button is clicked, a full screen-sized image is displayed. Users can view products in closer detail, which is not possible when looking at smaller product images.

For businesses that display high-resolution product images, this functionality is extremely beneficial, because it allows users to see everything they need to see about the products they are interested in purchasing. This can result in higher conversions for businesses. Online shoppers can’t hold products in their hands before buying, so this functionality allows shoppers to get a better idea of what they’re buying before they buy.

You can still sell products with small and big product images, but full-screen sized product images allow your customers to see everything they could ever want to see. This level of detail is just not possible with smaller product images.

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