FAQ at checkout functionality displays at the checkout process. This functionality shows up without interrupting the user experience and enhances the checkout interface.

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FAQ At Checkout

eCommerce websites provide easiness of buying products from home. On the other hand, people need to trust businesses to pay them online. That is why eCommerce businesses should have trust-building elements on the website. FAQ at checkout is one of the most powerful trust-building elements that can be on the eCommerce website. Implementing this functionality helps online businesses to answer potential questions on the checkout process.

Who is it for?

FAQ at check out is quite beneficial for eCommerce businesses. FAQs that are related to payment, shipping, and return are the trust-building elements for eCommerce businesses. With this functionality, customers interact with the trust-building elements in the right time, right place.

FAQ at checkout Functionality

eCommcer Checkout Process

What Does It Do?

FAQ at checkout functionality is implemented on the checkout page. It has a customizable design. So, it never ruins the structure of the checkout page.

FAQ At Checkout Benefits

The benefit of FAQ at checkout functionality is that the customers find answers to any questions related to the payment and shipping process. They do not need to ask questions via emails, by phone, or live chat. Even this saves the support team's time. Also, this functionality is a powerful trust-building element.

The Difference FAQ At Checkout Makes

The difference this makes is that the customer has a more convenient experience when checking out. The rate of abandoning the cart at the payment process decreases. The support team has fewer questions about the checkout process.

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