Dropshippers Vendors AddOn

Communicating with your dropshippers can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be better if all your dropshippers were able to upload products themselves? This tool from Optimum7 lets them do just that. As an administrator, you will receive an email each time a dropshipper posts a new product. After a dropshipper submits a product, the admin can approve, refuse or edit it before it will go live.

Streamline the workflow between your eCommerce website and your dropshippers with this functionality from Optimum7. Let each of your drop shippers, even if they are in separate states and countries, upload their product to your backend. You still get to retain full control as an administrator by rejecting, approving, and editing product uploads.

Dropshippers Vendors AddOn

Dropshipper Vendors AddOn is for eCommerce professionals who use drop shipping, and want to improve their process for doing so. This tool makes operations easier for both eCommerce website administrators and drop shipping professionals.

Dropshippers Vendors AddOn

Create a way for your drop shippers to upload their own products to the backend of your eCommerce website using this feature. This helps you keep your drop shippers organized and updated. However, you get to retain control over what actually gets posted on your website. All you have to do is approve, reject, or edit uploads from your dropshippers.

You get to save time and money when you let your dropshippers upload their own products. This saves you time and improves your coordination between locations. Better coordination results in higher customer satisfaction. Higher customer satisfaction results in more repeat customers.

Without this feature, you have to take care of a gigantic amount of time consuming data-entry style tasks. When drop shippers can upload their own products, you don’t have to worry about that. You can focus on larger problems that only you can solve when you create streamlined solutions to small tasks.

If you want a way for your dropshippers to upload their own products, contact Optimum7. You can fill out our online form or give us a call at 866-848-6072.


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