The Custom Thank You Page is displayed immediately after a user completes a transaction on your site. This page will increase the usability of your site by increasing the level of engagement you have with your customers via newsletter sign up, social media buttons, user reviews, or via an automatically triggered custom email. This page can also increase conversions with back to shopping buttons, up-sells and cross sales. Additionally, you can provide the user with valuable information about your company, the status of their order or information about their newly purchased product. There are truly endless possibilities with custom thank you pages.

Custom Thank You Pages

Saying thank you is a common courtesy. When you receive a card or a gift in the mail, it’s nice to send whoever sent it a note saying ‘thank you’. It’s the same for when someone does business with your company. People appreciate personalization and custom thank you pages makes the buying process more personalized for your customers.

Who is it for?

Optimum7’s Custom Thank You Pages functionality is perfect for any eCommerce business. This functionality increases the usability of eCommerce sites and can increase conversions for your store.

What Does It Do?

The Custom Thank You Page is displayed immediately after users complete transactions on your eCommerce site. The page prompts users to sign up for your company’s newsletter, share what they ordered on social media, and submit reviews for their experiences with your business. The page can also trigger customized emails that include specific order information and it increases conversions by displaying ‘Back to Shopping,’ upsell, and cross sale buttons. You can use Custom Thank You Pages to provide users with information about your store and users can view personalized information regarding their orders, such as the status of their orders.

Custom Thank You Pages Benefits

The #1 benefit of the Custom Thank You Pages functionality is that you can accomplish everything described above without having to do anything. Everything described above is made possible by Optimum7 when we integrate this functionality to your online store. Increase sales and establish better relationships with your customers with Optimum7’s Custom Thank You Pages functionality.

The Difference Custom Thank You Pages Makes

People like to feel special, appreciated, and informed. You can accomplish all of this for your customers with the Custom Thank You Pages functionality from Optimum7. Give your customers the information they need for their specific orders and say thank you to them for doing business with you all at once. Encourage additional action from your customers, like signing up for your newsletter and continuing to shop on your site, with this page as well and continue to boost conversions. This functionality is a win-win for every party involved.

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