Compress images on your e-commerce store without losing quality using this feature. This increases the speed of your website, which can cut down on your bounce rate and boost conversions. Better images can lead to more engagement and a better search engine ranking for your website. Search engine ranking is directly related to revenue.

Compress Images

Speed up your e-commerce website by posting compressed images. These smaller files do not mean you need to sacrifice image quality. Improve your page speed to lead to better search rankings. Cut down on your bounce rate by operating faster for customers. Get more conversions by not letting customers get bored due to buffering times.

Who is it for?

Compressed images are a must-have for visually driven products. E-commerce stores that sell products as opposed to services can benefit from this feature. Any store that uses a great deal of images can improve page speed which leads to more engagement from customers.

Compress Images

Compress Images

What Does It Do?

Compress your images using this feature to produce a faster website. This functionality will produce quality images that won’t slow down your pages and bore your shoppers with buffering times. This can potentially result in more conversions and sales.

Compress Images Benefits

Compressed images make your website run faster. This means customers are less likely to get bored during buffer times and bounce. Your customers are impatient, and the faster they navigate your website, the faster they move through your sales funnel. When customers have a positive experience on your website, they are more likely to come back. More repeat customers means the potential for more sales, and increased revenue.

The Difference Compress Images Makes

Compressed images mean faster page speed. Faster page speed means more conversions. More conversions means better search rankings. Better search rankings mean more sales. You need that process done correctly so that the images still look good.

Try it

To add compressed images to your e-commerce store and experience faster web pages and an increase in conversions, contact Optimum7 online or call us at 866-848-6072.

Compress images


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