Blogs can be an effective way to boost your rankings, create opportunities for sharable content, and keep your website fresh and updated. However, your true end goal is to generate more conversions and sales. Most people will skim over your hyperlinked text, so it is more effective to have a visual sidebar that displays the products related to your information.

Blog Integration with Related Products Sidebar

Your blog may have hyperlinks to your products, but you can show the products you are writing about on the sidebar of your blog. This means readers who are skimming can quickly access the product page. This moves them through your sales funnel faster, which helps you increase revenue.

Who is it for?

This feature is for e-commerce companies that want to run an effective blog that drives conversions, and increases sales. Blog content for e-commerce websites is often related to products or services. If you want to give your readers an easy way to find the products you are referencing, this sidebar display feature is for you.

Wordpress Blog Integration with Related Products Sidebar

What Does It Do?

This feature displays a sidebar of your products with your blog post. This sidebar shows the products you reference in your written material. This helps customers find what you are referencing sooner.

Blog Integration with Related Products Sidebar Benefits

Move your customers through your sales funnel faster by offering an easy way to navigate from your blog to the related product page. When your customers find what they want faster, you can get more sales and increase your revenue.

The Difference Blog Integration with Related Products Sidebar Makes

Without this functionality, your customers may skim your blog post, and bounce without performing a conversion such as clicking on a link to a product or contact page. However, when you have a sidebar, customers can see the related products more easily. This makes them more likely to visit the product page and make a purchase.

Try it

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Wordpress Blog Integration with Related Products Sidebar


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