Automatically embeds photos of the products customers have purchased on store invoices. Quickly allows customers to see a visual of the product they bought next to the order information on their invoice or order receipt.

Advanced Receipt/ Product Picture Functionality

Offer better customer service on your e-commerce store by automatically embedding a photo of products with your receipts. This lets customers rest assured that they are getting exactly what they paid for. It also helps you to stay organized.

Who is it for?

This is for e-commerce stores that offer a large volume of similar products. When you add a picture to your receipt, you have an extra level of confirmation that helps your shipping services stay organized and accurate. Cut down on mistaken orders and customer complaints, and thus increase repeat customers by using this functionality.

Advanced Receipt/ Product Picture Functionality

Advanced Receipt/ Product Picture Functionality

What Does It Do?

Automatically add a picture of a product to your e-commerce invoices to help your fulfillment center and customers confirm that the product is correct. This helps you stay organized and deliver a better level of customer service.

Advanced Receipt/ Product Picture Functionality Benefits

When you deliver a better level of customer service by making your invoices clearer, you create reeat customers. This is particularly true of B2B companies, but B2C companies definitely benefit from this product. More repeat customers means more sales and more revenue.

The Difference Advanced Receipt/ Product Picture Functionality Makes

Nothing is worse than an invoice that includes something like an ambiguous or general product name or perhaps even just a number. When you have a photo embedded in the invoice of your receipt, there can be no mistake. You keep your fulfillment center operating at its best, which keeps your customers coming back.

Try it

Pictures are a fast way to verify that you have the proper products in each order. If you want to add pictures to your invoices for better customer service and fulfillment, all you have to do is is contact Optimum7 online or call us at 866-848-6072.

Advanced Receipt/ Product Picture Functionality


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