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In most eCommerce platforms, backends don’t provide admins the ability to add notes to a customer’s account. This tool will allow them to add special notes to any customer account. This will help any admin trying to segment their customers, provide special discounts, filter a list for retargeting or etc.

For businesses that are interested in keeping track of information for specific customers, Optimum 7’s Account Notes functionality can be extremely helpful.


The Account Notes functionality is perfect for any online business that wants to “keep tabs” on their customers or allow customers to store notes on their personal accounts.

Let’s say your online store has 1 customer who calls a lot. The Account Notes functionality can provide a space where you can track the details of every phone call (date, time, subject, etc.) that you have with the customer and the space will be correlated with the customer’s information. In this space, companies on the back-end might include specific information pertaining to each customer, such as: restrictions, special statuses, customer satisfaction, payment statuses, etc.
This functionality could also work in reverse. From the front-end, the customer’s view, a customer could save notes on his or her ‘My Account’ page and easily look at the notes later.

There are numerous benefits that come with the implementation of Optimum 7’s Account Notes functionality. This functionality provides 1 space that is correlated with every customer and the space can be filled with customized notes–whatever you want!

The next time you are on the phone with a customer, you can check the space associated with the customer’s account. Let’s say 1 customer calls and you can see that he has called about the same issue before. You can bring up the issue and say “hey, I see you’ve dealt with this issue before and I’m so sorry.” You might offer a discount or something else, but in the end the customer will probably appreciate the personal touch you carried into the conversation. And if there aren’t any notes, then this would be the time to add some–just in case they call again in the future.

This functionality can show your customers that you and your associates care about them and the business they do with your company.

There are other ways to keep track of customer information and data. The great thing about Optimum 7’s Account Notes Functionality is that all of the information is kept in one place that is easy to access and modify. You can add and delete notes as necessary, and you can view the notes whenever you want or need to.

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