It’s one of the most asked questions. How do I increase my ecommerce sales? While there is not a quick answer or solution, there are some major factors that can contribute to increased online sales for ecommerce websites. The keys are relevance and the correct strategy. There are literally tens of thousands of ecommerce websites online; why should yours be any different and make millions?

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3 Solutions to Problems for Increasing Website Leads

Most of my new clients come to me with the same problems; their websites don’t generate enough leads or sales. There are several factors that contribute to this, but usually all fall under a combination of 3 problems. They are either not getting enough traffic, they are getting poor traffic or the website is not converting the traffic into leads. These are usually the biggest problems that most website owners face. Here are the solutions I propose

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Internet Marketing – Taking Care of Clients

Theoretically, anybody could start an Internet Marketing / Consultation Company. All it takes is an office, few employees, few computers and a website. However, not all these companies can be successful. Only those firms with a solid execution process that is client and ROI-focused will ultimately be successful. It comes down to “Taking Care of our Clients.”

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How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

If your website has a goal, that is, sales made through an online ecommerce site, lead generation, phone calls, surveys that are completed, then you probably have put some significant effort in time and expense towards winning that client… and it all started with a conversion.

If you have been in business for any length of time, you should probably already know what a big percentage of NEW sales actually come from EXISTING customers.  If you are doing a good job, this is most certainly the case.  This should make sense; customer buys product or uses your service and you have provided the value, and hopefully more, than the client expected.  Important customer-relationship dynamics take hold … trust, confidence, peace of mind and convenience all grow in your favor.

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How To Get Rid of Spam on Form Submissions

Recently we had a client who started to rank up very quickly on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We noticed that the amount of spam that was being passed through our web submission forms increased by 1000% and that happens to all major websites Well, over the next couple of months I came up with the best way and really the final way to get rid of all spam from web forms!

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