Duran Inci

Customer Expectations in Marketing Consultation

Consultation is a tough business. You must not only set the right expectations for the client, but you must also understand your client’s perspective on your performance. Many times, regardless of what product or service you provide, you and your client will have a difference of opinion on technology, approach, staffing, training and a multitude of other topics. No matter what the consultation subject matter, it is important to understand where your client is coming from, what their modus operandi is, what they know and what they think they know. That said, there are a few primary considerations that are always important towards achieving client satisfaction.

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How to Critique Custom Design

Critique is a large part of what makes up great design. Feedback from a fresh pair of eyes can mean the difference between a hit campaign and a devastating flop. Designers often become so close to their designs that they just cannot accept that their work has faults. This is a habit we must break. […]

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