Location Based Pricing for Bigcommerce and Shopify

Location-based pricing for Shopify and Bigcommerce addresses the issue of demand varying from one location to another. Healthcare doesn’t cost the same in New Jersey as it does in California. Neither does health insurance or even car insurance. Price fluctuation based on geographic location is perfectly normal when it comes to these industries as well […]

Database Synchronization & Revisioning with MySQL

When developing a software application, one of the most common problems is distinguishing between the development, test, and production environments, which consequently duplicates the database instances of a software product and any change on one breaks the consistency with others.

Jet.com API Integration with Volusion, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Magento

Have you heard of Jet.com yet? A month after launch, it has already become the 4th Largest Marketplace in US. (Techcrunch) If you are an E-commerce business and you already sell your products on platforms like Amazon and Ebay, you will want to continue reading this. Jet.com’s promise to its users is basic; they research […]

The Perfect CRM: Podio, WordPress and Custom Programming

A centralized and integrated employee, customer, task and sales management system is essential to running a profitable business. Regardless of which industry you are in, you will need such a platform to handle your day-to-day operations efficiently. Unfortunately, most small and medium sized businesses do not use a centralized project/client management system or CMS. As […]

Restaurant Ordering System; OrderUp and GrubHub Clone

Ordering food for delivery has become incredibility popular thanks to integrated online ordering systems. Mostly large pizza chains such as Dominos paved the way for the convenience of ordering food online. Their “Track Your Pizza” functionality is still very famous. Since ordering food for delivery online is very convenient, websites like GrubHub took advantage of […]

Minimum Quantity Ordering with Set Increments

Depending what business you’re in, you may require minimum and/or maximum quantities on the products people purchase from you. Let’s say you sell business cards and require a minimum bulk purchase of 100 cards. While most people will understand that this means they can’t order 50 cards, they believe that they can still order 150 cards, or while it sounds nonsensical, even 105 cards. However, a minimum requirement may mean that you only sell your cards in increments of 100 (100 cards, 200, 300, and so on).

So that customer who wants to order 150 business cards would have to order 200 to satisfy your minimum requirement. The shopping cart of any major ecommerce platform would simply send a message saying that their quantity did not meet the requirements and the customer would have to go back and fix their order. This could become a deterrent that stops them from completing their order, which means you’ve lost a sale and have an abandoned cart to handle.

Automated Drop Shipping Product and Order Fulfillment Integration via XML or API

The biggest problem for businesses engaging in drop shipping has to be the manual oversight of the entire process. While drop shipping a small number of products and orders is doable, it becomes increasingly difficult and eventually impossible to do manually if you are dealing with thousands of products and hundreds of orders.

Automated Product, Customer and Order Migration and Integration into Volusion

The custom programming we’ve done for Volusion customers over the last few years has earned us the title of Expert Developers from Volusion. We couldn’t be more honored, yet we’re not ready to rest our laurels on our past achievements and so continue to earn our title by continuing to develop custom solutions to problems that Volusion would say are impossible to remedy. As a Volusion customer or developer, there are certain rules and guidelines you must respect when importing products into your store. For example, all products in your inventory must have a product code, a description, a weight, an image, etc. assigned to them. While this creates structure and order, it can create certain issues and challenges towards getting all that you need using the Volusion platform.