The Perfect CRM; Podio, WordPress and Custom Programming

A centralized and integrated employee, customer, task and sales management system is essential to running a profitable business. Regardless of which industry you are in, you will need such a platform to handle your day-to-day operations efficiently. Unfortunately, most small and medium sized businesses do not use a centralized project/client management system or CMS. As […]

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Restaurant Ordering System; OrderUp and GrubHub Clone

Ordering food for delivery has become incredibility popular thanks to integrated online ordering systems. Mostly large pizza chains such as Dominos paved the way for the convenience of ordering food online. Their “Track Your Pizza” functionality is still very famous. Since ordering food for delivery online is very convenient, websites like GrubHub took advantage of […]

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Automating Your Project/Client Management System or CRM with Custom Podio Development

If you are a part of an organization that continuously evolves, tests new processes, pushes the limits of efficiency always wanting to grow, regardless of which industry you are in, you will need a very good project management system. It’s very important to have the right kinds of people working in your organization. Creativity, initiative, […]

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Are These 6 Things in Your Custom Programming Contracts? If Not, You Could Be Losing Money!

Although it’s the CEO/executives who sign the contract, it’s your job as the project manager to ensure that the contract covers all essential aspects of the project to prevent future disagreements between your team and the client. A well-developed custom programming contract not only helps you eliminate the unnecessary time spent on communicating with the […]

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