Increase Average Order Volume (AOV) for Bigcommerce and Shopify

The increased Average Order Volume for Shopify and BigCommerce Stores has several advantages. One of the most significant is that you make more money for every transaction, resulting in a more profitable store. When a client shops online, they frequently just buy what they want, but we want them to take a look at the […]

Best eCommerce Industries and Niches to Grow in 2022

The rise of eCommerce has highlighted the importance of it for all retail businesses, emphasizing that online is the future. Even while being aware of all of this, many businesses stall at the planning stage, in part due to their inability to find a niche market. Why Niche eCommerce Stores are More Profitable in 2022 […]

How to Create an eCommerce Customer Journey in 2022

No one can deny how expansive the eCommerce market has become. Global eCommerce sales are expected to nearly double to $6.5 trillion by 2023, and its share of overall retail sales is also increasing, particularly as a result of the COVID outbreak. With that growth comes an evolving consumer base that can’t be swayed with […]

Why You Should Go Headless with BigCommerce in 2022 | Guide

The days of having a webshop with a single multichannel are long gone, because these days, it’s all about multichannel management and multistore retail. You must truly comprehend your consumers, including who they are, what they want, and how they want it. Consumers nowadays purchase and consume information on a variety of devices, so you […]

How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost? | Optimum7

The cost is one of the most significant factors to consider when deciding whether or not to upgrade your eCommerce platform. This is a frequently asked question, and there is a lot of speculation about Shopify Plus pricing. In this article, we’ll break down the expenses of Shopify’s business solution, Shopify Plus, so you know […]

How To Go Headless With Shopify

You’ve spent years developing your business on a dependable eCommerce platform, only to discover that as your company has evolved, it’s outgrown the system’s original limitations. But how do you move from your current platform to one that is more adaptable and without having to start from scratch? You can’t afford to lose Shopify’s powerful […]

Volusion Migration, Complaints, Issues, Negative Reviews, Bankruptcy, and Chapter 11 

UPDATE 11/28/2021 Volusion seems to have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Get details here and here. For details on Volusion functionality, features, migration, and other similar platforms, read below. For Volusion migration options, click here. ==== Does your company use Volusion as an eCommerce platform? If so, you probably know half of what I am […]

BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus 

It’s tough to decide between BigCommerce and Shopify. These powerful platforms have proven themselves in the world of eCommerce. But it can be hard if you’re looking for something more specific like a certain niche or budget range!   As with most decisions when starting an online store, some research is necessary before committing oneself […]

eCommerce in Latin America; Penetration, Opportunity, Companies, M&A and Agencies

eCommerce in Latin America (LATAM) is flourishing. This is the perfect opportunity for American businesses that are looking to expand internationally. In fact, LATAM is the global leader in eCommerce market growth, especially when it comes to mobile devices and eCommerce. Online consumers are increasingly using mobile devices for eCommerce purchases. That’s right. When it […]

Workarea Commerce Migration Acquisition By Vtex And Migrating Options

WorkArea VTex Migration

Your search for a better platform indicated that you know your business needs a change to continue to succeed online. Perhaps you need more custom functionalities, the ability to scale your website, or better analytics. To complete a successful platform migration or re-platforming, you’re going to need a team that can help migrate all of […]