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6 eCommerce Development Tools to Enhance Your eCommerce Business in 2019

tools to enhance eCommerce business

Regardless if you’re using Volusion, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, VTEX, or any other eCommerce platform, if your eCommerce store isn’t doing as well as you would like, small details can help push it to become wildly successful. The right website feature, or functionality can give your customers a better experience while saving time, money and effort on your end. For example, what if you had a tool that let you integrate your login function with the customer’s Amazon information? That would help you become more accessible to the countless people who use Amazon every day.

While that is a great example of customer service, functionalities that improve performance on your end are equally important. You need tools that will let you eliminate headaches from your workflow because doing so lets you stay flexible and creative. An example of one such feature is the Avalara Avatax integration. This helps you figure out sales tax for your multiple locations, warehouses, and shipping destinations. View these features and many more below.

Login with Amazon Functionality

Get more customers for your eCommerce store by offering Login With Amazon. Offer secure and simple access to your site for Amazon’s 250 million users with this feature. Store owners can offer their customers a faster sign-in process by letting them use their Amazon account information.

Avalara Avatax Integration

When you sell your products online, sales taxes are an operational nightmare. There are 50 different sales tax percentiles for states alone. Then add counties. Then add cities. You don’t have time for it, but you have to do it. What if Optimum7 could give you a tool to make this process effortless?

avalara avatax

eCommerce Bandwidth Save/Optimization

You’re doing great business on your eCommerce store when suddenly you get punished with extra bandwidth charges. You planned on paying for $200 a month? Guess what, now you’re getting hit with $100-$150 dollar overages. We offer you a tool to help you fix that.

bandwidth saver

Hero Product 3D Display Functionality

Improve your product display with a customizable slider that lets customers interact with your product. The Hero Product Display Functionality creates a 3D model of a product that changes as your shoppers move a slider back and forth. For example, if the product is a blanket, you can show it folding and unfolding as the customer slides the bar back and forth. See a live preview!

Hero Product 3d Display Functionality

Subscribe and Save Functionality

Get more subscribers for your eCommerce store with the subscribe and save feature. Incentivize your shoppers to subscribe to a recurring order, publication, or any product with a monthly delivery structure by showing them a breakdown of how much money they are going to save on a purchase if they subscribe. Customize this functionality to show the exact percent or dollar amount customers will save with subscriptions. You can apply this feature to your email marketing list as well. Big retailers like Amazon, Overstock, Walmart and Ebay have this functionality.

subscribe and save

Product and Trip Insurance Functionality

Did you know that insurance policies create a 90% profit for airlines and hotels according to eMarketer? Add insurance policies to your eCommerce store’s products to encourage your customers to commit to their purchases. This features is both a small upsell and a way to offer better customer service. You can create customized messages to sell your customers on the value of the insurance policy with this functionality.

product and trip insurance

How To Add These Features to Your eCommerce Website

Often with just a few simple details you can send your profits upward. Whether that is a hero product graphic, an insurance policy for a ticket, or a method of incentivizing your customers to become subscribers. However, here at Optimum7, we know that increasing efficiency isn’t only important from an internal standpoint but can also contribute to making things better for your customers.

That’s why we offer functionalities that let you save on your bandwidth, determine sales tax for multiple locations, and work smarter and faster. Best of all, these functionalities can be implemented on any eCommerce platform such as Volusion, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, VTEX, and many more! Many of our clients have increased their profits with functionalities like these. Contact us online, or call Optimum7 at 866-848-6072 to learn more about our eCommerce development capabilities.

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